'It's not a collaboration, it's a steal': Beyoncé's latest album targets singer Kelis

‘It’s not a collaboration, it’s a steal’: Beyoncé’s latest album targets singer Kelis

Barely released, “Renaissance,” Beyoncé’s latest album, is already marred by controversy. Singer Kelis is accusing the RnB star of using an excerpt from her 2003 song “Milkshake” without her permission, without even mentioning it on the album.

Unveiled on Friday, “Renaissance” stands out for its numerous homages to 1990s dance music, in the form of samples (samples). Among these references, we recognize in the title “Energy” an excerpt from “Milkshake”, which was produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of the group The Neptunes, notes BFMTV.

“Dedication” that angered the main interpreter of tuba. “I am blown away by the level of disrespect and total ignorance of the three parties involved,” she responded in a video posted on her Instagram account. I discovered this pattern the same way as everyone else. Nothing is ever what it seems, some people in this business have no soul and no integrity and have fooled everyone. »

Responding to a fan on Instagram who raved about the collaboration featured on Beyoncé’s new record, Kelis added, “It’s not a collaboration, it’s a steal.”

This is not the first time Kelis has denounced rights and royalty issues for her music composed with The Neptunes, BFM points out. In an interview on Guardian In 2020, the artist claimed that she did not touch anything on her first two albums, “Kaleidoscope” (1999) and “Wanderland” (2001), which were produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.

They are angry, and refute the “absurd” accusations of jealousy because ” [sa] own song,” Kelis intends to demand reparations. “There is a lot of hypocrisy and stupidity and someone has to speak about it. (…) This happens to many artists and it must change. »

Is Kelis taking direct aim at Beyoncé, or is she regretting the lack of transparency from her former partners, who would have given their approval without telling her? To use a sample, the artist should request permission from the rights holder. If their conditions are not respected, reproduction of the work is strictly prohibited.

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