Joan Interdite - "This Is A Horror Movie", "Is This Campsite A Lie?", "This Is Shutdown": Internet Users In Shock After A Report On 3-Star Campsite

Joan Interdite – “This Is A Horror Movie”, “Is This Campsite A Lie?”, “This Is Shutdown”: Internet Users In Shock After A Report On 3-Star Campsite

The condition of this three-star campsite stuns onlookers

An unreleased “Joan Interdite” airs this Tuesday, July 26 on M6. On the program: Scandals in the heart of summer. And one subject in particular stunned the audience… a three-star campsite whose condition leaves much to be desired. Dilapidated, dilapidated: The condition of the camp is particularly appalling.

Twitter ignited this Tuesday, July 26, after an unreleased episode of “Zone Interdite” aired. According to the name of the show “Campsites, Markets, Ice Cream Parlors: Fail the Summer Traps and Scams”. And the story starts strong. Directing a supposedly three-star camp… but which is particularly dubious. First, a poor mobile home: dirt in the sink, hair and hair in the shower, or even suspicious stains on the seats. One customer, who had paid an additional 35 euros for air conditioning, ended up with a bungalow … without air conditioning that worked. So an auxiliary air conditioner has been added to the campsite which doesn’t really get cold.

In terms of cleanliness, it is even worse. The condition of the toilets is appalling and “Zone Interdite” journalists on hidden camera only come across a cleaning lady on the third day of their investigation. After a discussion with her, they learn that she single-handedly cleans the campsite in the morning for 300 holidaymakers. Poolside, it’s also horrifying. That same morning, an accident happened: a little three-year-old boy nearly drowned. Tourists pulled it out of the water and called the fire department. However, a supervisor is present… but he is on his phone. But after discussing him on hidden camera, the journalists realize that he is not even qualified as he does not even know how to swim. They will not be hired as lifeguards but as security guards.

Viewers on Twitter were particularly shocked by the situation at this camp. According to him, it is obvious that it does not deserve its three stars and even the establishment should be shut down immediately.

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