Jumbo-Visma under fire from critics!

Jumbo-Visma under fire from critics!

Authors of a hat-trick in the 2nd stage of the Tour of Burgos, after a terrible fall caused by their team-mates, the riders of Jumbo-Wisma bared their teeth to celebrate this success.

Vuelta preparatory race for many runners, The Tour of Burgos was marked by a terrible fall in the last kilometer of the 2nd stage. Unequal police stationed at the foot of the descent destroyed the front of the peloton.

Ironically, Jumbo-Visma rider David Dekker went down first, taking everyone with him, and his accident gave his team a much-wanted hat-trick. The Dutch sprinter was in fourth position, behind his three teammates. So the three survivors were able to race to victory without looking back, with Timo Rosen having the misfortune of raising his hands at the line, just like his runner-up Edoardo Afini.

“There is no reason to congratulate mereacted the Dutchman after his fourth professional success, first of the season. I hope everyone is doing well after the massive crash. I wish the affected runners a speedy recovery. We had no idea what happened behind us and that it was a fall of this magnitude. If we had known, we would never have applauded. »

The damage was unfortunately done and the Jumbo-Visma riders (who had made many enemies by dominating the season and crushing the Tour de France) were immediately criticized on social media for what was deemed to be an indecent celebration.

Like Roosen, Edoardo Afini cleared things up via Twitter. “Before everyone starts writing nonsense here, I want to make this clear. I was ready to lead the sprint. I saw a teammate pass me 200 yards from the line and I celebrated, yes. I really had no idea of ​​the massive carnage behind us.”assured the Italian competitor.

“I’m sorry and sad for everyone involved and I hope no one is seriously injured, Athena added. Dear UCI, after everything that has already happened, to allow such a high speed finish in the last 800 meters coming from a very high speed section is a disgrace. unacceptable. »

It should be noted that quickly the fire of critics was diverted from the competitors of Jumbo-Visma to focus very logically on the organizers, who apparently suggested a route that was too dangerous, and to the UCI that validates it. While at the same time some Tour of Poland finishes talk about them for their danger, two years after the terrible crash that almost cost Fabio Jacobsen his life, it is definitely a difficult week for cyclists.

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