Kungs, an electro DJ with a brilliant career

Kungs, an electro DJ with a brilliant career

Just like every summer, DJs spend their lives between airports and sunny beaches playing their music. Kungs, 25, is no exception to the rule. All August he will fly to Spain, Italy, Poland… As he prepares to leave for Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes) where he will play as an opening act for Electronic Beaches, Valentin Brunel, his real name in the city, takes the time to tell his story from your pipes This girl (2016), which made him famous at the age of 19 and whose first album layers made him one of the essential members of the French electro scene. His elders, David Guetta, Bob Sinclar and Pedro Winter see in him one of their worthy successors, capable of both popular hits and more underground titles for club purists.

For his second album, Club Azure, released in March, worked with another master of international electronic music, Berliner Boys Noize. Kungs is still amazed by his stay in Germany, spent in the studio with his idol: “I was a fan before I met him, I came back as a group, summarizes the DJ. Everyone is looking for him: Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga… I spent fifteen nights sitting behind him, watching his every move, the way he listens to music…” on his album, Club Azureare signed next to one of the disc’s most memorable titles, fashion, while But clap your hands, you never go home with Martin Solveig is a hymn to the reopening of nightclubs after two years of forced closure due to the pandemic.

Virtual disco

During his imprisonment, Kungs and his childhood friend Victor Flash privatized a Parisian lodge in the third arrondissement of Paris and invited twenty people to come and record TV shows every Saturday from 10pm to 7am. live broadcast on social networks. They named this virtual discotheque Club Azur in honor of the French Riviera of their childhood. The title Kungs kept for his records: “I got really tired of being locked up very quickly, does he remember. The truth is, I didn’t realize before how lucky I was to be doing this job. It wasn’t until it was taken away that I realized my privilege. »

Although success came early in his life, Kungs was not one to explode into thin air. Born in Toulon to a doctor father and an accountant mother, the teenager has the support of his parents who see him abandon his studies for his computer: “My parents never saw me happier than when I was making music in my bedroom, He says. It wasn’t just a dream. I released a song a day. They gave me a chance by telling me: “Pass your high school diploma, and then we’ll give you three years to succeed in whatever you want.” » It will take less time than that.

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