label Death Row, the realm of violence

label Death Row, the realm of violence

GANGSTA RAP, GHETTO KIDS (3/5) — The phenomenal success of “The Chronic” puts Dr. Dre in orbit. Gangsters and lawyers gravitate around the Death Row label, which he has just launched with Suge Knight. Their reputation is on the rise, traffic is exploding, white America is worried.

Series summer 2022 – Dr Dre – frieze

“Chronic” is the nickname for California’s best weed, grown with passion by ex-hippies on farms tucked away upstate. Camera expert Snoop Dogg knows where to find her on the streets of Los Angeles. Its effects are explosive. Joints spin endlessly in a Hollywood apartment where Dr. Drea featured with other guest rappers on the producer’s first solo record. Also in the recording studio, the temple of Californian funk. Fastidious Dre allows himself to get high now and then without losing any of his effectiveness. “The album is called The Chronic simply because it rocks! » said a member of his little band.

The release is timed for the big Christmas holiday rush. At the end of the terrible year 1992, no disc is so anticipated. The whole world is watching California and Dr. Dre, the new nugget of the music industry. The Chronic he must put into orbit the label he launches in the company of sulphurous Suge Knight and presents as a “ghetto” company that chose a sensational name to scandalize America and send it back to its demons: Death Row (“death row”).

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