Lady Gaga, Balls and Flop - Liberation

Lady Gaga, Balls and Flop – Liberation

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Iconic album covers combine contemporary art and music. Today is the album “Artpop” illustrated by Jeff Koons in 2013.

“One second I’m a Koons fan, suddenly Koons is me / Pop culture was in art, now art is in pop culture, in me.” Song lyrics by Lady Gaga Applause from his album artpop (2013): “One second I’m a Koons fan, the next Koons in me / Pop culture was in art, now art is in pop culture, in me.” Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons: as eccentric as they are megalomaniac, as flamboyant as they are apart, these two are made for each other. The superstars in their respective fields were introduced by Miuccia Prada, CEO of Prada, at an event at the Metropolitan Museum in New York in 2010. “You know, Jeff, I’ve always been a huge fan of yours that when I was a kid hanging out in Central Park, I was already telling my friends about your work,” ignited Gaga. Since the admiration is mutual, they set a date for the collaboration that materialized three years later on the album cover artpop.

The kitsch cantor of neo-pop, and the most expensive artist in the world, Jeff Koons is working on his series ball watching, named after the glass globes that have adorned certain American gardens since the 1960s, especially in Pennsylvania where he grew up, which he associates with replicas of Greco-Roman sculptures. On the front pageartpopthe statue of Gaga is shown naked, with her hands on her chest and gas ball between her spread thighs, while behind…

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