Laurianne Placed far ahead of the men in BikingMan X

Laurianne Placed far ahead of the men in BikingMan X

Monday, July 18, in Duingt, on the shores of Lake Annecy – five o’clock in the morning and thrills: the day is not over when about twenty selected competitors set off. In fact, participation in this Biking Man X is reserved for “veterans”, according to Axel Carrion, founder of the competition. No rookies, only confirmed ultra endurance riders.

And with good reason, if the distance (1000 km) corresponds to the usual format of the BikingMan brand, the altitude is crazy: 26,500 meters! On the menu: no less than fifty passes. Monuments and “discoveries”: Madeleine, Croix de Fer, Bonnette via Col de la Moutière, Vars, Izoard, Galibier, Iseran, Cormet de Roselend, Aravis, Croix Fry, but also the small Col de Parquetout (7.5 km at 10.5%) or Pas de la Confession…

As soon as the start was given, Laurianne Plaçais isolated herself in the lead. She won’t let her go. On Wednesday, July 20, at 9:31 p.m., the young woman, a former X-Terra World Champion, returned to Duingt after a journey of 64 hours and 31 minutes, which took her until more than 1:00 p.m.

In other words, to put it plainly: in BikingMan’s toughest round, one woman crushed the competition, dominating the men head and shoulders. “It atomizes the event. It’s a metronome, panzer! »exclaimed Axel Carrion, speechless.

Sleep problems

Modest, Laurianne Plaçais attributes her success to stop management. ” The evidence, sur 64 h 31, rode about 53 h 30, she explains. However, the fourth one, which arrived 20 hours after me, rolled only half an hour longer. »

Therefore, the second and third in the discipline drove faster than her, but took longer breaks. Obviously, Laurianne Plaçais is a phenomenon. In the ten short hours she wasn’t pedaling, she only took two 30 to 40 minute naps!

Laurianne Plaçais allowed herself only two naps of 30 to 40 minutes throughout the race.  (Biking Man)

Laurianne Plaçais allowed herself only two naps of 30 to 40 minutes throughout the race. (Biking Man)

i have to say itshe says as if to apologize, I generally have a hard time falling asleep. In everyday life, I sleep badly: although I do a lot of sports, this does not break the connection above! During the race, I never had a feeling of lack of sleep, nor did I feel tired. I even tried to take an extra nap, but to no avail. »

Six weeks earlier, however, the insomniac returned from BikingMan Corsica with a mixed impression. Peta in a scratch (still!), she said she had a bad night. “There was a storm in Cap Corse, I was worried, I felt uncomfortable. I wanted to return the cover to correct that impression. » Is ready.

To this hyperactive who relies on “the three legs of the stool, necessarily of the same length” What with professional life, life as a young mother and high-dose sports, ultra-endurance events provide, if not opportunities for rest, at least soothing braces. “For two, three days I really switch off. No screen and no networks social. It’s tiring for the body but relaxing for the brain. » Suffice it to say, she’s not one to waste time on selfies. Because the rest of the time she runs away.

Hyperactivity, feeling

Web designer for MMG (Millet Mountain Group), Laurianne lives in Aix-les-Bains and works in Annecy. With a speed of 70 km and 2000 m of altitude gain there and back, the vélotaf is the basis of his training. To which she adds when she “prepare”, departures during the lunch break. On the weekends, mom, she naptimes her little Ernestine, three years old. And when you need to add a little, it runs in the family by installing the small c “trolley”. With such a busy schedule, one can only train by feel, any program would be a source of irritation.

After smashing BikingMan X, she thinks she still could have optimized. The pain in her buttocks, which forced her to stop several times, distracted her a bit. Even if it is at this point – the ability to “to get the pain out of the brain” – that he knows he outperforms the competition.

But aren’t women generally less comfortable than men? When you ask her the question, she tells herself that it’s true, she gave birth without an epidural, she prefers it “pain control in sixteen hours instead of [de se laisser transpercer par] this needle. » And to add: “In a race of a hundred terminals, apparently half the guys beat me. But ultra has other parameters besides muscle strength. »


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