"Leave Eddy Alone": Stranger Things' Hero's Surprising Audacity at American Customs

“Leave Eddy Alone”: Stranger Things’ Hero’s Surprising Audacity at American Customs

Joseph Quinn’s newfound popularity since the release of Season 4 of Stranger Things has brought him moments of joy as well as some disappointments. Eddie’s interpreter had a surprising audacity in American customs.

Talking about Joseph Quinn never stops. The undisputed star of Season 4 of Stranger Things has enjoyed meteoric popularity for his portrayal of Eddie Munson, a heavy metal fan and leader of the Hellfire Club, who easily fit into the band of the Netflix series.

Since the release of part two of the fourth season of Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn has been meeting the public and visiting conventions, where we’ve even seen him shed some tears after a fan speech.

Eddie is so beloved by viewers of the Netflix series that a petition has been launched for his character’s return in the fifth and final season, and several tributes are paid to him, sometimes in a cornfield.

The actor combines interviews and public appearances and he recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s first talk show, where he received a triumphant reception. But Joseph Quinn almost never got there, for a very surprising reason.

Joseph Quinn arrested at airport in America!

Eddie’s interpreter actually explained to the host that he was arrested at customs! The British actor was taken into immigration custody upon arrival in the United States the day before his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show:

“I was taken to a dungeon you might call a dungeon. And I was asked to wait there for about twenty minutes and then I was called into this office where someone asked me ‘What are you doing in the United States? are you, sir?”


Joseph Quinn then explained that he was coming to the United States to attend the Jimmy Fallon Show. And the exchange could have taken another turn if it had not been identified by one of the agents: “He didn’t believe me. And one of his companions looked at me, looked at him and said, ‘Leave Eddie alone.'”

The first agent then learns of the identity of his interlocutor who looks very different from his character without clothing and a long wig. Then he didn’t hesitate to ask the actor if he was going to return in Season 5 of Stranger Things. To which Joseph Quinn replied that he knew absolutely nothing about it.

When the agent returned his passport the exchange ended with a warning: “You better come back.” The success of the Netflix series saw Joseph Quinn experience this surprising misadventure which ultimately ended well.

Fans identified with Eddie and resonated with the character during several scenes, including his guitar rendition of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in The Upside Down. The sequence has also allowed the actor to feel like a rock star:

“It was a strange time during the pandemic where no one had seen live music in ages. I was with Gaten (Matarazzo) … it was so much fun. I was nervous, but it was a kind of rock concert . . and I was feeling like a rock star for one night. It was awesome.”

Will Eddie have a chance to play a rock star in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things? Even though the Duffer Brothers have confirmed that Eddie will not be there, nothing is impossible in the fictional series and fans are already exploding over theories that will make sure their favorite metalhead is back in the Netflix series.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is available on Netflix.

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