Linda, Kaaris' former companion, attacks Kalash Criminel by insulting him

Linda, Kaaris’ former companion, attacks Kalash Criminel by insulting him

Linda, Kaaris' former companion, attacks Kalash Criminel by insulting him

Kalash Criminal took as his rank!

Definitely not a day goes by without Kaaris’ former henchman swinging the files, and this time even Kalash Criminal just paid the price. Indeed, Instagram medium Kuntakinte842 has just uploaded an audio file in which a young woman attacks two Sevranais rappers speaking on their joint album released earlier this year.

Last January, Kaaris and Kalash Criminal joined forces to present a joint project titled SVR featuring the singles “Tchalla”, “Tu owe ses sous”, “Shooter” as well as the title track “Apocalypse” featuring Freeze Corleone. Opus sold 13,225 equivalent sales for its first week of operation. An audio conversation with the mother of Riska’s first child prior to the release of this album has just been leaked online and she heaps insults on the two accomplices claiming she hopes the project fails.

Linda does not regret her words against Kaaris!

For several weeks Linda had been free on Kaaris, “I was forced to remain silent because of the escort, threats, family pressure. I’m not afraid anymore, but not at all. It’s over today. I’m going to do what I should have done a long time ago, unlike others you didn’t find me on the sidewalk or in the display cases, never forget that” she recently confided in a long message published on the networks. The conflict will now be resolved in court, but in the meantime she is not giving her daughter’s father a break.

Following the publication of a private conversation in which Kaaris worries about the success of Maes and sees his rap career as over, an audio recording of Linda criticizing Kalash Criminel has just been revealed, “That’s it, sorry. what do you believe Tomorrow his career is overthe guy will come back as a head on his shoulders, respect people, he’s a son of a bitch, he’s a son of a bitch. Besides, he’ll be a bitter son of a bitch at the end of his career commented Riska before adding her hooded sidekick, His album comes out in January with another encu*é Kalash Criminel Incha’Allah he picked up.


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