Louane in a long “hot” transparent skirt: Florian Rossi’s favorite seduces the web with her rock look!

Louane has a long list of concerts planned for this summer. However, between the two performances, the 25-year-old artist enjoy his evenings with his companion Florian Rossi.

Louane’s appearance

Along with the concerts he holds, the roles he plays in cinemas and the various fashion shows he attends, Louane Emera he doesn’t have a second to himself. On Friday, July 22, 2022 at 7:30 p.m., a 25-year-old young woman sang with a smile during the Jardin Sonore Festival, organized in Vaucluse, on the estate of Fontblanche de Vitrolles, in the presence of Orelsan, Tota, M – Matthieu Chedid – , Francis Cabrel and Johnny Depp. You should know that a few days earlier in Saint-Tropez she was in love, with her darling Florian Rossi.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022, Louane actually went to the event Gucci, carrying a bag designed by the Italian brand and a long sheer black lace skirt.

But what he remembers from that busy week is not appearance, clothes, a few accidents or even the warmth of the public at the Jardin Sonore Festival. Above all, she remembers it repeat the same gesture over and overin an uncontrolled way, during her performances, which she saw in some pictures that have been circulating since then.

“Pretty Amazing Stuff”

She admitted on her Instagram account:

“I was there, quietly, looking at photos from the concert that I wanted to post. I discovered something quite surprising: when I’m not singing, I eat my mouth. »

And it’s true that, on all parts from the concert which she then shared on social media, Louane has very pouty lips when she is not vocal. It’s just, we’ll have to get used to it as it is now on the musical path, and that the long list of his summer performances continues, in Vitrolles and Pierrelatte. Before participating in Jardin Sonore, Esmée’s mother was an auctioneer at the Conç’Air Festival in Saint-Louis. She also sangJuly 20, in Cannes, on the French Riviera.

In miniskirt and crop top

This is not the first time that Louane amazes with his clothes. In May 2022, a young woman published a photo of herself on stage inspiring outfit for the summer.

She put on a crop top and a mini skirt very 2000s inspired, because Louane loves them! If we’re so drawn to her look, it’s because the singer has found the perfect way show her stomach and legs no profanity.

And how to wear a short skirt and crop top like Louane?

On stage, Louane uses i they abuse glitter. For her, glitter is important and she is right. After the Dior ensemble with red sequins, the interpreter of Day 1 softens the but don’t leave the shine aside.

The holds his concert is a true revival of the 2000s. His Paris Hilton aspect is accentuated with a black crop top by Juicy Couture, the flagship brand of Y2K. She pairs it with a very mini wrap skirt and sheer fishnet leggings ultra thin and almost invisible.

The secret to not falling into too much? Singer skip the little heels or shoes that are too feminine for a pair of rangers with a maxi studded sole ! The lace-up ankle boots are Miu Miu and completely contradict the girly look of her outfit.

Addicted to this type of grunge shoe, Louane has already sported a combination of combat boots and a short skirt. With this contrast, the look takes a different turn, halfway through trend gothic and lolitacore. And that’s a good thing because both styles are definitely in fashion in 2022. We’ll obviously be inspired by Louane all summer long.

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