Madonna: her son David, 16, has grown up well, proof in the video!

Madonna: her son David, 16, has grown up well, proof in the video!

Madonna’s son David is 16 years old. And judging by the video the Queen of Pop posted on Instagram this Sunday, July 24th, it looks like he’s inherited his famous mother’s talent!

As the proud mother of her little family, Madonna never misses an opportunity to share her skills with her many followers. This Sunday, July 24, the 63-year-old artist posted a video on Instagram in which we can see David, his adopted son, dances with his younger sister Ester, 9 years old. With smiles on their lips, the brother and sister seem to be having a great time. And the least we can say is that It seems Madonna has passed her gift for dancing on to her son…and more!

In a short sequence, David is indeed wearing one of his mother’s silk dresses., a Mae Couture creation. A nice compliment to the video that the interpreter posted on Instagram for 4 minutes a year ago, in which his son is already wearing the famous dress that he chose this time to associate with Nike socks. There is no fashion mistake for the young Estere, who wears a blue dress with Gucci moccasins. A performance that was welcomed by many subscribers of the Queen of Pop!

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A real plebiscite!

And with almost 120,000 views and 3,500 “likes”, David and his sister seems to have really flipped netizens. “Your children are free and fantastic, Madonna, that’s a sign that (you) are a super mom”, “David has an incredible talent” or “It’s a beautiful and happy family”, can we read especially among the pile of comments left under the post. If Madonna had any doubts, David seems to have inherited her qualities as a dancer… and that apparently hasn’t gone unnoticed by her many fans!

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