Marcia Moretto, the dancer behind "Marcia Baïla" by Rita Mitsouko - Liberation

Marcia Moretto, the dancer behind “Marcia Baïla” by Rita Mitsouko – Liberation

One story can hide another (10/36)

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One story can hide anotherthe case

With the dazzling hit “Marcia Baïla”, Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin paid a bitter tribute to the singer’s friend, the Argentinian dancer who died of breast cancer at the age of 36, a prominent figure of the underground scene of the 70s and 80s. .

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The song, dropped in the middle of a B-side, wasn’t meant to be a hit. When Rita Mitsouko released her first album in 1984, the single that the record company bet on was quite Stay with me. But, a few months later, thanks to the spirit of free radio, and especially the airing of the clip on a TV show rock kids, it is good Marcia Baila, which opens the door to success for Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichino. With air that makes you party all night. However, behind these heady words, Catherine Ringer evokes a sudden disappearance. It is Marcia Moretto, her Argentinian friend, dancer and choreographer, who died of breast cancer on May 21, 1983 at the age of 36 in Paris.

Like many, I danced to this title for a long time without paying attention to the tragic meaning of the song. Until one day, in the course of a harmless conversation (often at this moment, the best anecdotes emerge), my birth mother told me that she knew Marcia. A meeting that dates back to the dawn of the 80s, his childhood and his first steps in Paris. “I had dance lessons with her in the center of the Marais, since I didn’t go to school, it gave me an activity.” Shortly after escaping the military dictatorship in Argentina with her father, she lived for a year with Graciela Martinez, a friend of the dancer Marcia Moreto. A memory that cast a little more mystery on…


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