Maripierre Morin: "I'm an Alcoholic, Drug Addict and Still in Therapy"

Maripierre Morin: “I’m an Alcoholic, Drug Addict and Still in Therapy”

For the past two years, Maripier Morin has taken his own life in his own hands. Intelligent, but active, she focused her energies on her family, her therapy as well as charitable activities in the fight against addiction. The one who is now the mother is also going to take the top of the film’s poster. Arlett, Extra steps in a path full of pitfalls.

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During a press meeting held a few days before the release of his new film, Arlett, Maripier Morin did not shy away from questions about the scandal that rocked the province in July 2020, when Safia Nolin published allegations of sexual harassment and harassment against her on the social network; Nor did the following year on the testimony of five others who reported inappropriate behavior, gestures, and comments from the former presenter.

Because, in two years, Maripierre Morin developed herself, made progress, worked on herself, which she continues to do today. “I took my responsibility, I made my way. […] When the matter came up, I said, ‘I’m having problematic behavior, I’m going to do my homework and I’m going to come back.'” She explained that she began “a process of honesty and integrity.” […] I am an alcoholic, drug addict and am still in therapy, but this does not excuse my actions. But it is my responsibility that this does not happen again. […] People say: “She puts it all in wine”. it is not true. It gives context, it explains better why I did it, because I would never have done it on an empty stomach. But that’s no excuse.”

as he read the script‘Arlet, In October 2020, she wanted to get this role in full force. “Immediately, I made a lot of parallels. I was depressed. It gave me so much business,” she recalls. And she prepared for the audition. “I felt it in my interior, I felt that I had this movie. There are things to be thankful for.”

an exorcism

The parallels between Arlett, a young woman who has been appointed Minister of Culture and who must learn to deal with the misogynistic and verbal violence of the political world, and the former star host are unmistakable.

“Yes, the movie was therapy for me,” she said. relationship with image detected Arlett, This “constant quest to be seen, to exist, to constantly be better, to be perfect, makes me sick. I found it beautiful to shove a character through it. Even today, social media is super toxic to me. I still trying to re-establish my relationship with Chhavi. And, during filming, her psychologist even gave her a daily challenge, that was to “look at myself in the mirror and say to myself, “You’re good today.” Were””.

Arlett (Trailer)

If she had the strength to rise after the scandal, after she was abandoned by her sponsors, it was thanks to figure skating that she practiced for 16 years. “Learning to fall… I think it’s the most resilient sport in the world because you fall right now. This past as an athlete would have allowed me to have the necessary flexibility to say that I fall very, very down.” Was gone, that it really hurt, but that maybe it was necessary to get up and get the life I want.”

And it is still far from easy today. “It’s a desire to have a healthy relationship with my profession. I didn’t get there, not at all. Yesterday, I was really stressed and my boyfriend reminded me I had him verbally for the first time when I was in therapy. Said I didn’t exist, she cries, cries. Today, I’m faced with this: If people don’t like the movie… I find a gap between my value as a human being and my work. Must be able to make.”

Does he think he will ever be forgiven? “It’s not me who decides. The public will decide. If the public goes to see the film, that people are curious and they want, it would mean that I have a right to do my job.

Arlett Hits screens across the province on August 5.

Arlett (Trailer)


“I want to be optimistic. I chose Roshni, I chose to be beautiful and happy for the rest of my life. The worst that could have happened to me at the age of 33, when it happened, would have been bitter “

“I was eager to put hub To focus on something other than me and a more important role that is raising a child.

“If I don’t have a psychologist, if I don’t get chased, if I don’t have a boyfriend, if my parents aren’t next to me then I don’t get it all.”

“Everything that comes with motherhood is extraordinary. You learn and learn a lot. To be in control, both my hands were always tight on the stick and there, I can’t control anything anymore. Letting go is a damned beautiful school. And that’s what my daughter teaches me every day.

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