Marvel Ignored the Holocaust for 3 Movies and Fans Laughed - Actus Ciné

Marvel Ignored the Holocaust for 3 Movies and Fans Laughed – Actus Ciné

In The Eternal, a holocaust is narrowly escaped by the superhero team at the end of the film. This major event was completely ignored in later MCU movies. Something to upset the fans a bit.

Released on November 3, 2021, The Eternals wow Marvel fans with this amazing new team of superheroes.

Directed by Chloe Zhao, the feature film grossed 402 million for a budget of 200 million, a disappointing performance for Marvel, although the film made a mark.

In France, it attracted 1.7 million viewers, a relatively low score for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

That being said, since The Eternal, we were treated to 3 other Marvel-stamped feature films: Spider-Man No Way Home, Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4.

A key event told in the work of Chloe Zhao was completely ignored in these 3 following films, as reported by several Internet users on the social network.

In the end, our hero managed to stop the destruction of Earth by a celestial being, Tiamut. The latter’s head and arm emerge from the surface of the Blue Planet before being dead by the hero’s action.

This cataclysmic event, which could have gone unnoticed by Marvel’s superheroes (and by the entire world), apparently had no effect. No one mentioned this devastation in No Way Home, Strange 2 or Thor 4.

This didn’t fail to annoy (or amuse) fans, who reacted strongly on the social network, pointing fingers at it. “The giant dude that pops out from the surface of the earth and nobody talks about”,

Some claim that Marvel prefers to keep the episode under the wraps because of the poor acceptance of the film by fans. Will this be mentioned in the future of the MCU? Nothing is less certain!

The scene in question with the eternal stopping celestial tiamuta

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