Marvel: This Superhero Should Be Back on Disney+!  - news series

Marvel: This Superhero Should Be Back on Disney+! – news series

Moon Knight, a new Marvel series helmed by Oscar Isaacs, should actually be Season 2, announced by the actor.

spoiler ALERT! This article explains the details about the result of Moon Knight. If you haven’t seen the series and don’t want to be spoiledE, do not read the following.

Disney+ has brought major changes to the MCU, as most of the new heroes are no longer introduced into the universe through big-screen blockbusters, but begin their adventures on the streaming service. Among them is Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac, who lends his characteristics to Mark Spector, a man who lives with antisocial identity disorder and therefore has multiple personalities in his head. He is also an incarnation of the Egyptian god Khonshu.

The series ends with Mark Spector breaking free from Khonshu and defeating the villainous Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). At the same time, he sees his wife Layla (May Calamawi) turn into a scarlet scarab. Even though most of the season focused on Mark Spector and Steven Grant (their alter egos), a post-credits scene revealed that the brutal Jake Lockley – Mark Spector’s hidden third identity – still serves Khonshu.

After this cliffhanger, many fans wondered when Season 2 would be confirmed, but like other Disney+ series, Marvel Studios was reluctant to confirm the renewal. Although so far only Loki has been confirmed for the new season, Moon Knight’s team has apparently hinted at a renewal.

A TikTok user has shared a video with Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab and Oscar Isaac announcing the long-awaited season 2 halfway mark. The video was then shared by the director on Twitter:

TikToker: “The question everyone is asking: is there a season 2?,
Mohamed Diab:Why Moon Night?,
Oscar Isaac: “Why else would we be in Cairo?,

When is Moon Knight season 2 coming?

It is not clear what is the intention behind this video. Oscar Isaac and Mohamed Diab confirm season 2 is in preparation? Or are they promoting with Marvel and Disney for renewal? Their presence in Cairo shows that they are not just for the holidays…

With Disney’s D23 happening next month, it’s possible that a smaller crew will have gone to Egypt to film a short video to be announced next month. Marvel Studios is expected to make several announcements at the event and there is still room to finalize Phase 6.

If that were the case and Moon Knight Season 2 released during The Multiverse Saga, it would likely premiere in 2025 during Phase 6, as the slates for Phases 4 and 5 appear to be complete. That might sound like a long time, but it might be time to see Mark Spector appear elsewhere before Season 2.

Moon Knight is most likely to return in Avengers: The Kong Dynasty and Secret Wars, although its first season lacked any direct MCU connections.

Moon Night is available on Disney+.

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