Mbappé, Sanches, Trophée des Champions, signing window… Galtier’s strong words before the trip to Clermont!

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D-2 before PSG’s big return to Ligue 1! And 48 hours after his first trip of the season to Clermont, Christophe Galtier was present at a press conference. The opportunity for him to talk about the return of Kylian Mbappé, the arrival of Renato Sanches or even the victory in the Trophée des Champions. Words reported by RMC Sport.

On the return of Mbappé

“It is a pleasure to have Kylian back for this first league game. He is very happy to be back in the competition. As for the famous record, it is first of all a collective will but also an individual responsibility. There are very close periods where the team has not yet prevailed over the opponent, we have to be very careful not to give them any chance of being able to make us run. , it is obviously contagious and makes the person next to you want to do the same effort Then there may be times in the game when you run out of strikers, pistons who struggle to come back and you have to accept that sometimes you need to save time so that those who have been eliminated can get back into the team block .

About Renato Sanches

“He is expected this afternoon. He is a player who has qualities that others do not have, in particular Marco Verratti and Vitinha, he is very explosive, forceful, with impact. In the market there was this opportunity: he knows. both the championship of France like the very high level. he’s going to have to fit in. He’s going to be behind in preparation, but he’s totally different in terms of explosiveness, breaking lines and also catching up on defensive moves.”

By winning the Champions Trophy

“We attacked together and defended together. We conceded few chances apart from one from six meters and honestly that’s what we worked on this morning, we can’t give the opponents too easy chances.”

About the impatience to start the season

“There is always a side not of excitement, but of a real desire to go into the competition. When PSG travel, it is often the game of the season for the home team and there is this desire to experience everything that. What my teammates say, it’s a pleasure. I make sure I support my teammates a lot, we have a very difficult job. But I’m not and I don’t want to be the ambassador of the French coaches. I’m the coach of the Paris Saint-Germain. I am the coach of an extraordinary team, of a hyperexposed club, of a great club. I am happy to receive the marks of support from everyone, but it must stop here. When I play against them, they will want to beat me.”

On the physical condition of his troops

“Yes, we are fine physically. The Champions Trophy was a good performance, which allows us to pick up the pace. We have prepared well, we have not had any muscle incidents, everyone has been able to work well.”

In the system of 5 defenders

“You can have the feeling when you say you’re playing 3 or 5 that it’s a defensive system, but I think it’s the opposite and it’s a system that can lead us to have a lot of world in an offensive position. This system allows us to attack in numbers and you have to give the right balance to avoid these transitions.”

to summarize

Christophe Galtier, the PSG coach, was present at a press conference two days before their men’s trip to Clermont. The opportunity for him to talk about the return of Kylian Mbappé, the arrival of Renato Sanches or even the victory in the Trophée des Champions…

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