Metallica pays homage to 'Stranger Things' at Lollapalooza

Metallica pays homage to ‘Stranger Things’ at Lollapalooza

While closing their show with the title “The Puppet Master,” made popular again thanks to the Netflix series, the metal band aired an excerpt from a scene from season four where the pipe sounds.

Metallica wanted to say thanks Stranger Things for the publicity stunt offered to their music in the fourth season of the Netflix show. At the end of their concert at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago this Thursday, the legendary metal band played their piece The puppet mastersimulcasting an excerpt from the Duffer Brothers series.

In these pictures taken from the last episode of the new season Stranger Thingscharacter Eddie Munson plays this 1986 title on guitar to fight off the monsters attacking the town of Hawkins.

“That’s the story I’ll tell my grandchildren”

Just before the show, Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie Munson, was granted an exclusive backstage meeting with Metallica. In the full rehearsal, the group members specifically suggested the actor to play The puppet master with them before being presented with an electric guitar – identical to Eddie’s in the series – signed by the rockers.

During this exchange, which was filmed and streamed by Netflix, James Hetfield, lead singer of the metal band, confides in the actor that he is a fan Stranger Things from the first season. “My kids are fans too. It’s an experience that really bonded us,” he says in the video.

“The opportunity to play with the most famous metal band of all time doesn’t come around every day. It’s a story I’m going to tell my grandchildren,” Joseph Quinn says in a video streamed by Netflix.

I like Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, The puppet master Metallica has seen its streams explode since its use in season four Stranger Things. Released in 1986, the song entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the UK Top 100 singles for the first time.

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