Michael Caine and Ben Foster Combat It in an (Almost) Epic Trailer

Michael Caine and Ben Foster Combat It in an (Almost) Epic Trailer

Michael Caine and Ben Foster play mythological figures from the European Middle Ages in Czech film medieval,

The Middle Ages Inspire: This is the time when it is possible to depict all the battles and all the myths that one would like to see come true in cinema. At the risk of blindly sticking a national novel out there under the pretext of entertainment, medieval films contain all the fantasies of war and chivalry dear to the hearts of many. Between history and fiction, there is only one step, especially when the epic dimension dominates everything.

The heroic legends of the Middle Ages are the pride of European countries and many of them are spread not elsewhere but in their native land. Here’s one that’s Czech: Battle of Zizka, an excellent strategy hero, against a rival king. If you don’t know him, that’s the subject of the movie medieval (yes that’s the title) performed by quite a charming cast. The first trailer comes in to show us a lot about the feature film.

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between one Brave tired and a sub-Ridley Scott, medieval It seems that everyone has some means in common for their ambitions. Nothing seems particularly inspired and the protagonist, played by Ben Foster, looks like Beric Dondarrion. game of Thrones than anyone else, but we can expect an entertaining B series.

Plus, Michael Caine’s charisma as a Sardar and some beautiful sets make us want to see just one more time. Not insignificant details: This is a non-Hollywood film and the third by Czech director Petr Jakal.

The film does not yet have a release date in France. And it is not certain that it will release in our cinemas.


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