Miss Marvel on Disney+: Find out what the heroine could have looked like!  - news series

Miss Marvel on Disney+: Find out what the heroine could have looked like! – news series

As the first season of the “Miss Marvel” series has just ended on Disney+, a Marvel illustrator has unveiled the mask the heroine almost wore as well as how her powers should have worked.

Miss Marvel, the seventh Marvel series produced by Disney+, introduced a new superheroine to the general public: Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), an unconditional admirer of Captain Marvel, who explores the cosmic powers and who we learned about in the first season. Learn in the last episode. She carries the mutant gene within her!

However, it wasn’t always about making her powers work, as was eventually seen in the series. Artist Mushq Rizvi has actually shared concept art on Instagram, showing what the platform that Kamala builds could look like.

,At the time, the idea was for her power to progress as she gains experience. I went a little crazy with level 3, but why not…”, he said in the caption.

Video game inspired powers

The illustrator also explained that it was initially decided that the young woman would use her powers on the video games she used to play. ,I did several different versions of Kamala Khan’s powers for the Disney+ series, when we were told that her powers were going to be light-based.

This is the final accepted version, I hope other video game inspired versions will be included in the Miss Marvel art book. There were many more versions where she emulates the various video games she plays which were super fun to discover.”, thus wrote Mushk Rizvi A publication presenting the final concept art Heroine Powers.

Finally, the artist shared several sketches of the first versions of the masks he conceived for Kamala Khan, before her mother (Zenobia Shroff) gave her her final outfit in the final episode.

Our interview with the actors from the series, whose six episodes are available on Disney+:

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