MotoGP 2023 between Ai Ogura and Taka Nakagami Honda wavering but set to decide this summer

Taka Nakagami’s time seems to be counting in MotoGP under pressure from his younger compatriot Ai Ogura, who has shown himself to be a contender for the Moto2 title in this first part of the season. In the context of Honda’s many issues, this competition between compatriots, to be decided by fellow citizens, is one of the issues currently being resolved within the framework of the HRC. We’d like to give ourselves more time to make a decision, but that’s a rare commodity in MotoGP…

At this stage of the summer holidays, Honda confident of continuing his projects in MotoGP in only one thing Mark Marquez still recovering from a Stefan Bradl tester and a Alex Rins who recently signed on to succeed Alex Marquez departure for Ducati Gresini. The rest is an ink bottle. The fate of Paul Espargaro is no longer clear, and what with Joan Mir who had to settle down even less, especially since it is an investor’s business Repsol is discussed. In the Japanese Landernau, it develops under an awning Idemist, we no longer fix. In short, calm is not the order of the day when it comes to focusing all your efforts on the development of the RC213V…

Takaaki Nakagami, LCR Honda Idemitsu, Motul TT Assen

Honda: ” we can’t wait until October

So what? Nakagami ? He is 30 years old, and in four and a half seasons he has not climbed a single podium. During this time, Oh Ogura reveals. After 11 of 20 races in the Moto2 World Championship, he is just one point behind the two leaders Celestina Vietti and Augusta Fernandez. In this form, the result seems obvious, but Alberto Puch warns: I’m a big fan of young drivers. I have devoted my whole life to the education of young talents. However, you need to think carefully about these transfers. How does a young driver behave after an accident? What does he know about the bike and tuning? There are many directions.”

He adds on Speedweek: “you shouldn’t worry too much, you need to calmly analyze and check which solution is best. If Ai Ogura wins the Moto2 World Championship, it will mean something. Because Moto2 is a tough class. As a world champion, you could have a chance in MotoGP. But we have to make a decision this summer, and we can’t wait until October “.

Therefore, August will be the month of the last important decisions in the MotoGP transfer market Ducati already stated that it is during this period that the arbitration will be announced between Enea Bastianini and Jorge Martin for the position of the crew of Peka Banya.

Ai Ogura, Idemitsu Honda Team Asia, Motul TT Assen

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