MotoGP 22 test by

MotoGP 22 test by

The World Speed ​​​​Championship on motorcycles started in March with two successes of Enea Bastianini, who leads the classification of the rider. The brilliant Italian, Milestone wants to continue on this path with MotoGP 22. The simulator offers a new historical mode, split screen and some fixes to the gameplay. Enough to erase the disappointment of MotoGP 21?

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If Frenchman Fabio Quartarara ended the Spanish hegemony of the Mir-Maquez-Lorenzo trio of riders who have competed in the World Speed ​​​​Championship since 2012, then the Italian is the king of console bikes. Milestone launched Moto GP in 2013, but the asphalt simulation is less exciting than the muddy roads of MXGP or Monster Energy Supercross. The course of the new generation of consoles is complex, MotoGP 22 has, first and foremost, in the viewfinder the goal of creating a coherent work compared to last season.

New blood…

MotoGP 2022: The Motorcycle Video Game Speeds Up, But Not Completely!

Doctor in action

On the ground after MotoGP 21 this year, the license wanted to put some gas back into the engine. This time the content is a little denser the appearance of a scripted mode called Nine: Season 2009. It traces the mythical season that pitted Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner against each other. An epic 4 for 17 Grand Prix fight to survive or survive with this good idea. Nine alternate voiceovers, stock images and tasks to complete with 4 champions. The sequence works very well and provides excellent immersion in the races, but above all the historical mode, which was absent last season and was disappointing in MotoGP 20. We obviously try not to reveal the final result of the 2009 season unless you have experienced it in front of the TV, so that you can enjoy such a moment , like the Netflix series Drive to Survive.

Another small novelty is not a mode, but a feature. You can now play in split screen with a friend, the data was not present during the last opus. The anomaly has now been resolved in 2022, although we regret the lack of a schematic creator available in several other Milestone games. Crossplay is also available between console generations, another smile for PS4/Xbox One players looking to take on the lucky PS5/Xbox Series owners.

… with the old one

MotoGP 2022: The Motorcycle Video Game Speeds Up, But Not Completely!

The R&D career is still out there.

Good additions as green lights, but MotoGP 22 is held back by a few elements and a stagnant mode. The career certainly goes further than a simple racing sequence, but it’s still too close to what the software has offered before. You can start in a lower category (Moto 2, Moto 3), join an existing team or a team created from scratch, but only research and development (improve your car for a few weeks, assign technicians) and managing your contract give a little depth . otherwise, we always lack scripted, variety in animation on and off the track and thus immersion is where the problem lies in most Milestone Career modes.

The more time passes, the more we wonder about the studio’s ability to surprise in terms of content and visual rendering. MGP22 runs at a constant 60fps, with far fewer glitches and aliasing than before, but we were hoping for better graphics on the PS5 or Xbox Series. The production time between the two parts is of course quite short, but one day it will take a leap at this level to surprise the regulars.

Milestone and MotoGP in search of aspiration?

Not to speak of a stop that was more in line with MotoGP 21, but rather of a timid recovery. Apart from Nine: Season 2009 and split screen, this piece is fun with its artificial intelligence. AI ​​ANNA, dirty in its last form, is now more reliable. Get out of the bumper-to-bumper mentality in the turns, the computer-controlled opponents will overtake the cleaner, even if the impact advantage is too favorable for the human player. With always boring menus, MotoGP 22 is a good entry into the series for new motorcycle racing fans as the balance between challenge and discovery is respected, but fans of the saga will not be surprised. It’s a shame, because we seem to be saying this all too often in recent Milestone games.

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  • All licenses, from tracks to pilots
  • Many historic runners
  • ANNA AI back to level
  • Tire / fuel management aspect
  • Very good mode Nine
  • You can play in split screen
  • A compelling career…

Weak places

  • …but it hasn’t improved!
  • Always more MotoE
  • Schematic editor is missing
  • Summary menus
  • A graphical view that runs out

It’s a small leap that Milestone offers with MotoGP 22. The official simulation of the motorcycle World Championship is better than the previous installment, but fails to take the series to a new level. A problem with the quality of graphics in the game, with an engine that is starting to age, not forgetting that the license stagnates in animation and career mode. However, the title managed to generate interest thanks to the new “Season Ninth” mode, which traces the mythical season of 2009, convincing artificial intelligence and, finally, the available split-screen. The Italian studio is limiting the damage, the reference title for MotoGP will wait.


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