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MotoGP: Andrea Davizioso does not want to succeed Freddie Spencer in the FIM MotoGP stewards group

As MotoGP slowly approaches its return to the British Grand Prix, which will kick off the final leg of this season, Andrea Davizioso is one rider who will approach the deadline with clear ideas about his future. As for the Italian, the certainty is that he has had his day. Given his current results, he was the first to admit there was no reason to continue in 2023. Certainly, but Dowie remains a man of experience, a skill that could be useful to the Big Price cause, providing his thoughts behind the scenes. But even that he doesn’t want…

Andrea Davizioso will he leave the MotoGP scene a little bitter? Definitely with a hint of regret and a hint of weariness. His current championship classification is 22nd with 10 points from 11 races, the same as his teammate Deryn Bindera newbie on the parachute straight out of Moto3, there’s plenty to be offended about.

Because we are still talking about the 2004 125cc world champion, who is in his 20th season in the world championship, and who has 15 career wins in MotoGP, where he has finished as world runner-up three times in a row. He now has 36 years, he is a veteran of the starting grid and his current setbacks do not spoil the vast experience and good skills that could be useful to the cause of the Grand Prix in a different form.

This did not escape anyone from his peers and officials, moreover, we turned to him to keep him within the walls: ” iI must say that I am very honored to be asked if I can imagine certain roles. It means that they see in me the head and the experience that can undoubtedly be interesting for certain roles. – admitted the current pilot RNF Yamaha.

Andrea Davizioso: I am not ready to accept it at the moment, we will see in the future

But he also answered: I’m not ready to accept that at this point. Although I am glad that the demand was, in the past also, not especially now, I want to make it clear. I’m happy with it, but not now. We will see in the future “. He ends Speedweek: ” At the moment I don’t see anything that would particularly interest me. But life has taught me that there is no point in slamming the door forever “.

The idea is to find a replacement for a Freddie Spencer has seriously tarnished his legitimacy as the top representative of the “FIM MotoGP Steward Group”. The former American world champion suffered a constant fire of criticism not only from the pilots, but also, perhaps above all, from Lynn Jarvisofficial team leader Yamaha. Rejection of high positions after the decision to punish Fabio Quartararo for the next term in Silverstone after the events in Assen. And to find yourself impaled like that certainly doesn’t encourage vocations… So Dovey will retire for good and refocus on his passion for motocross.

Andrea Davizioso

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