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MotoGP, Ducati has its Trojan horse: “Alex Marquez will be a good advertisement for us with Marc Marquez”

Alex Marquez will be Ducati’s 2023 rider at the Gresini den, which will be vacated by Enea Bastianini at the end of this season, which brought him three wins after the first 11 races completed in 2022. A choice that was made at the last minute since it was Miguel Oliveira who held the rope for this Desmosedici. The Portuguese has also enjoyed the favor of Gigi Dall’Igno, but ultimately the newcomer to the Borgo Panigale clan will be the title holder in both Moto3 and Moto2. The name resembles a family with an older brother Mark, who obviously does not leave Borgo Panigale indifferent …

Alex Marquez understood that if he did not want his career to be mired in quicksand Honda, he had to get out of it, as if freeing himself from the shadow of his prestigious older brother Mark. At this last level there will always be influence, and if he doubted, the first comments from Ducati when announcing his arrival will remind him what kind of family he will still be. But at least he won’t be working with it again on the same bike that was rated more like a disadvantage than an advantage interested person.

so it remainsAlex Marquez will have to fight just as much to exist Gresini Ducati than at LCR Honda. Because at the moment it remains the privileged transmission channel to Mark Marquez. U WDWDavide Tardozzi from the official headquarters Ducati did not hide it from the GPOne microphone: ” it’s good publicity for us – he declares. ” In my opinion Alexey will tell his brother the difference between a Ducati and a Honda. Let’s see what he tells her, it will be a pleasant surprise. But I have enough confidence that Alex will be much better and that will speak well for our bike “.

It will be noted that David Tardozzi not worried about whether these exchanges between the brothers will lead to technical leaks that would be very useful Honda to regain the lost luster. He sees them rather as an opportunity to seduce Mark Marquez convince him to join… This is, at least, an indicator of the state of mind.

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If Alex Marquez gets the results, I’ll go to Marco Marquez

But well Tardozzi also drowns fish: we have our pilots and we believe in them. As I have already said and I emphasize, we often joke with Mark. He’s with Honda, we’re with Ducati, but we have a very good relationship with this man Marc Marquez, so from time to time we also often tease each other under the podium and in the indoor park. Good and fun relationship with him “.

But banish the natural…” I think that the Gresini team is a great team that manages to put a rider in a position where he will give more than 100%, which not everyone can do. I believe that Alex, after three years of MotoGP, has never been at his best. When Alex is testing the bike, and I believe and hope that he will get some results, it will be my duty to go to Mark and ask him, “How are you doing?” » “.

David Tardozzi ended: ” Mark has all the respect and everyone thinks that Marquez on the track is still the Marquez that he was. I also spoke to him recently, asking him how he is developing, and I sincerely hope that he will come back like before, because the world championship, won also against Marco Marquez, is something that is worth even more “.

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