MotoGP: Matisse-inspired San Marino & Riviera Rimini Grand Prix poster

MotoGP: Matisse-inspired San Marino & Riviera Rimini Grand Prix poster

Presentation of the San Marino MotoGP Grand Prix poster created by Aldo Druda. The title is The Impossible Circle Where Fantasy Takes Shape.

By Mariano Gianoni /

Passion, colors, emotions, imagination, traditions and hospitality. The San Marino and Riviera di Rimini Grand Prix poster sums it all up and more. Created as always by Aldo Druda, it is a synthesis of the last 15 years: from 2007 with the return of MotoGP to Misano until today.

The poster is extremely cheerful, lively, expresses joy.

We called this poster “The Impossible Contour Where Imagination Takes Shape” “, Explain Aldo Drudabecause we wanted to give the idea of ​​a collective celebration and show the world the lifestyle that distinguishes the people involved. Fans from all walks of life gather around a thin strip of asphalt, overcoming language and cultural barriers. Fans are drawn to a country dedicated to hospitality and sport that knows how to combine technology and instinct, research prodigies and the prowess of champions.

Among the main concepts is multiplicity, with MotoGP not tied to one rider as it was in the past, but to a new generation of champions. The organization of the Grand Prix is ​​also multiple, including many different realities, and the Misano world circuit is becoming more and more rich in attractions.

Aldo Druda was inspired to create this poster by the works of artist Henri Matisse.

Ride a motorcycle for more than three hundred kilometers time,” concludes Aldo Drudy, ” it requires courage and imagination. Henri Matisse reminded that “creativity requires courage” and that “he who loves, flies, runs and has fun is free and no one can stop him.” For those who need to convey the joy of the Grand Prix in images, there is no better lesson. »

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