Nadia Padovani

MotoGP, Nadia Padovini, Gresini’s widow: “I didn’t want to give up, I wanted to show that a woman can also lead a Grand Prix team”

Nadia Padovany

With Nadia Padovani, it is one of the great stories of the first part of the season in MotoGP, and she is in the Gresini team, which could have collapsed with the disappearance of its eponymous boss named Fausto. Caught by Covid-19, the former Italian world champion, who became a great team boss, left behind strong human values ​​that his family and professional circle wanted to perpetuate, as if giving him a part of eternity. With his brave widow Nadia Padovini at the wheel and his sons by his side, the Ducatis arrived with Enea Bastianini and Fabio Di Gianantonio, in whom the late believed from the first hours. On the track, all the beautiful ones responded with three wins, podiums and even a pole position for the rookie.

Nadia Padavina overcame the grief, the emptiness, to take the MotoGP glove that her late husband had to leave behind, struck down by Covid-19. The misfortune that befell the family Grezini did not kill anyone. On the contrary. Nadia Padovany took charge of the Gresini Racing Team and continued her husband’s ambitious MotoGP projects with the support of his sons Luca and Lorenzo and commercial director Carlo Merlini.

We know the result: three victoriesEnea Bastianiniwinning position Fabio Di Giannantonio are high combat achievements seen after 11 races with a new Ducatiinstead of Aprilia who have been in the box for the past seven seasons.

Fabio Di Giannantonio, Gresini Racing MotoGP™, Gran Premio d'Italia Oakley

Nadia Padovany: a woman obviously has even more to prove than a man

There are 9 events left to impress, and in the meantime Nadia Padovany was recognized by the city of Faenza as an entrepreneur of the year. She distinguished herself by that his passion and determination with which she led the family business Gresini Racing to important results from a sporting and entrepreneurial point of view at international level “.

Taking over the business was the most natural, although not easy. After all, a woman obviously has to prove even more than a man. I didn’t want to give up, I wanted to show that a woman can also lead a MotoGP team. That’s why I want to say to all women: never give up “, the report says Hope Served read on Speedweek. ” To stand on the podium with Ennea Bastianini and raise this trophy to the sky in honor of Faust was the realization of a great dream – his dream », – she said on the news portal “RavennaToday”. Respect.

Enea Bastianini, Nadia Padovani and Fabio Di Giannitonio

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