Joan Mir

MotoGP People: Joan Mir has signed the most important contract of his life

Joan Mir

Joan Mir still doesn’t know what his future will be, but it seems he’s still fitting, since he’s married. At least he’ll sign a contract this summer and if he’s not stampeded by Honda like he’d like from a professional point of view, he still has a chance to hang on in life…

Joan Mirat 24 years married his companion Alejandra Gara López from the Majorcan side, thus the couple honored their region of origin, although they settled in Andorra. The celebrations took place on the large grounds of the Cap Rocat hotel. His manager was also seen among the guests paca sanches who is waiting Honda calls his cell phone, Remy Gardner and Tita Rabat.

Joan Mear wasn’t the only one to get her life in order this summer

It should be noted that this five-week summer vacation allowed other pilots to put order in their lives… Yes, last weekend, Mr. Jorge Navarro and Michel Neukirchen married, but also Sam Lowes and her Marina Rossi, who is the coordinator of the Marc VDS team, which is a great way to combine the pleasant with the useful. Gabriel Rodrigo and her friend Elia also celebrated the happiest day of their lives, and everyone attended with many familiar faces from corral. And there was an engagement with Luca Marini who therefore took a rendezvous with his beloved as Aaron Kanet did it with his girlfriend, whose relationship was not affected by them car accident

MotoGP, Joan Mir signs the most important contract of his career: he is married!

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