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MotoGP People: Sylvain Guintoli conducted a special test for Suzuki

Sylvain Guintoli has been a Suzuki rider since 2017, a brand with which he has experienced the joy of BSB, the World Endurance Championship title and the pleasure of taking part in the 2020 adventure that is the Joan World Championship title. Because the 2014 WSBK World Champion with Aprilia is a test rider for the MotoGP brand, which will close its pits at the end of this year. But before the inventory, we still give him things to evaluate…

Sylvain Guintoli currently, like all employees Suzuki participates in the competition: looking for another employer. Because a terrible news came from Japan to stop it all, from MotoGP to Endurance. More than a management decision to deal with a difficult situation in the auto industry, this is a direct sacrifice of a part of the brand’s history, brought to the altar of a supposedly better developing world. But which at the moment makes people feel guilty, devours and swallows more than it creates.

As a symbol, it is the magnificence of an assortment that would thus quickly become obsolete in the eyes of its parents, which was taken from the nest to be placed in the experienced paws of a Frenchman. This is the inevitable Hayabusa, the famous peregrine falcon that marked a time when we had no idea that such ominous birds could exist in Hamamatsu.

Suzuki pilot Sylvain Guintoli

Sylvain Guintoli: the bike is heavy, big and very stable

l’Hayabusathis takes us back to 1999, the turn of the last century, when a chartered sport tour was created in dealerships Suzuki claiming 300 km/h on its technical sheet. It was the first motorcycle that offered this joy to everyone and was standard. Since then, everything has changed, the Europeans have regained control, and Japan is losing ground and Suzuki head However, the Raptor is still available with outputs that now put it in the Youngtimer class: 190 hp. at 1340cc but 150Nm of torque at 7000rpm.

And this particular opus Suzuki asked Sylvain Guintoli try at the Donington Park circuit. An event spotted by Speedweek, which thus conveys the words of the peppy tricolor: “ it was interesting, Suzuki surprised me with a special fairing “, listed Sylvain Guintoli. ” Thus we celebrated the World Endurance Championship title and victory at Le Mans, as well as building public relations. And we wanted to see what the motorcycle was capable of on the track “.

On the road, it’s not so easy to understand what the Hayabusa is really capable of. It’s an absolute rocket – he adds. ” So I was able to try out all the modes and different electronic gadgets. The motorcycle is heavy, big and very stable. You have to drive very precisely in sharp turns to be fast on the exit. Even though you feel the weight, it’s a lot of fun to ride and I really enjoyed it “. And Guintoli ended: ” Suzuki wanted to know what I thought about this bike, I gave a full report on it. The design looks cool in photos, but great in real life “. And this is even more regrettable.

Sylvain Guintoli on a specially designed Suzuki Hayabusa

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