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MotoGP VIDEO: Dani Pedrosa shows how to grill a supercar at the start of the RC16

Modern MotoGP racing is equipped with a powerful take-off assist from the starting grid to the first turn, which is tantamount to catapulting. You have to watch this video of Dani Pedrosa in an RC16 taking on a Porsche 918 supercar to see for yourself. It’s very instructive. And to think that at the same time the same Pedroso ensures that KTM still needs to work on its engine …

Dani Pedrosa is on full display on Top Gear in this video in which his KTM RC16 more than 265 see for 157 kg to Porsche 918 608 see 1675 kg. The latter reduces the speed from 0 to 100 km/h 2.6 seconds. By combining its heat engine with an electric motor, it achieves 887 see What will impress the Austrian opus? The rest is in quick pictures…

MotoGP prototypes have definitely evolved and it is worth remembering that the aids for this type of exercise are mechanical and not purely electronic. Nevertheless Dani Pedrosa declared his hunger for this RC16: ” there are some changes and we are still waiting for their fruits “, – assesses the tester of the three-time world champion KTM.

Daniel Pedrosa: we have to change the engine but we can’t do it yet because of the regulations

Then it shows: on the other hand, there are more important things we need to change on the bike, like the engine, and we can’t do it yet because of the regulations “.

It would be very interesting to see if we can make a step forward. Meanwhile, we owe a lot work on chassis balancewhich is one of our main problems “, he continues, touching on the issue of tires. ” We still use a lot hard front tires and one of the big difficulties is that we can’t drive harder than others because of the choice of tires “, said Pedrosa.

Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond Jack Miller at KTM, Pedrosa shy of predicting how well the Aussie will make the transition: I don’t know him very well. From the outside, I can see that he is a very diverse rider. He has very good qualities when the track conditions are special, he adapts to different bikes, as he has ridden for Honda and Ducati. Although the bike is very different, it has already been in Moto3 with KTM. We will have to wait and see “It’s over Dani Pedrosa which we have to see again in other sensational videos…

MotoGP-Bilanc von Dani Pedrosa (Stand: End 2021): 218 Rennen, 31 Siege, 112 Podestplätze, 31 Poles, 44 schnellste Rennrunden.  MotoGP-Vizeweltmeister 2007,2010,2012, MotoGP-WM-Dritter 2008,2009,2013, 250er-Weltmeister 2004,2005, 125er-Weltmeister 2003.

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