Netflix: Pablo Escobar is hiding in The Gray Man!  - Movies News

Netflix: Pablo Escobar is hiding in The Gray Man! – Movies News

In addition to the star of the first season of “The Bridgerton Chronicle,” Netflix’s new action movie, “The Gray Man,” welcomes an actor from another major series on the stage: Narcos! did you recognize him?

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the plot of The Gray Man.

It’s an extraordinary cast that the Russo brothers have assembled for their second post-Avengers film: Endgame: action thriller The Gray Man, available July 22 on Netflix.

With stars Ryan Gosling (Drive, La La Land) and Chris Evans (Marvel’s Captain America), We Ana de Armas, the revelation of Dying Can Wait and future Marilyn Monroe in blonde, big-name Billy Bob Thornton (The Barber: The Barber) : The Man Who Wasn’t There, The Fargo Series) and Alfre Woodard (Desperate Housewives, Luke Cage) or Indian star V Dhanush.

Several actors who found themselves thanks to Netflix are also in the game: Reggae-Jean Page aka Simon Bassett in the hit series La Chronique des Bridgerton, Joe The Gray Man and Jessica Henwick, a young CIA in the colon wing at Marvel Play the role of a wolf. The series Iron Fist, which also stars a CIA agent.

physical changes

But he’s not the only colt off the stage to play in an explosive feature film, this is also the case for Wagner Moura aka Pablo Escobar in Narcos. Unrecognizable, he appears in The Gray Man with a less impressive physique and a more emaciated face in the role of the famous drug smuggler that he played for two seasons.


It is he who lends his facilities to László Sosa, the liaison whom Sierra Six (Gosling) finds in Vienna to create new documents for him but who deceives him by delivering it to Lloyd Hansen (Evans) for $50 million. Give, or at least that’s what the fraudster believes…

Narcos Season 1 Trailer:

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