No, Kawasaki is not thinking about MotoGP - GP Inside

No, Kawasaki is not thinking about MotoGP – GP Inside

Kawasaki will not return to MotoGP to replace Suzuki in 2023. The Japanese brand prefers to focus on the World Superbike Championship, a more accessible category.

The void left by Suzuki’s exit from MotoGP, scheduled for the end of the 2022 season, could be filled by another manufacturer. Some of our colleagues say that BMW would look into the matter. According to our information, it will be the Spanish brand GasGas, owned by the Austrian firm KTM. Either way, it’s not a Kawasaki.

Rumors of the Greens returning to the premier category are baseless. And were extinguished by Kawasaki Racing Team World Superbike Championship boss Jim Rhoda, who was approached by Gpone during the Misano event, the weekend of June 12th. “I never asked Dorna or Carmelo Espeleta to take part in MotoGP with the team that will replace Suzuki in 2023”he confirmed.

Today’s participation in MotoGP would cost Kawasaki too much, he reasoned. “A superbike of our size. Perhaps going to MotoGP is a move that can generate a lot of interest, but we must not forget the costs and obligations that this entails. »

The Japanese brand, which previously handled the queen category, left it at the end of 2009 and has not been there since. After Suzuki’s departure, there will be only two manufacturers and six Japanese motorcycles in 2023. Unheard of in the MotoGP era.

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