On the new tire pressure measures in MotoGP – GP Inside

On the new tire pressure measures in MotoGP – GP Inside

MotoGP technical director Danny Aldridge says new protocol to improve tire pressure reliability from 2023.

Dorna Sports Edition:

Following these allegations in the media that some teams have broken or breached the rules regarding tire performance, Danny Aldridge, MotoGP technical director, wanted to make the following statement:

“In cooperation with the MSMA and in accordance with their request, the championship’s technical management is currently in the process of evaluating the new tire pressure monitoring protocol. This procedure should provide for the introduction of a single system of capture and reception; the only way to get reliable data in terms of technical inspections. In addition, a detailed protocol was discussed with the MSMA on how the new rules will be applied. And it was unanimously agreed that it will enter into force no earlier than 2023.

“This protocol was previously agreed within the MSMA on the condition that it be evaluated by all manufacturers this season. To facilitate experimentation, all manufacturers agreed to freely share their tire data after each event; as this data is provided on a voluntary basis and the sensors are individually calibrated by each sensor manufacturer, their accuracy cannot currently be verified. »

“In agreement with Michelin, FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna Sports, the tire rules will continue to apply as they have for all these years, under the supervision of the Technical Director and Michelin, until the proposed new procedure is ready. to be introduced. »

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