One dog was saved after 40 days in a container

One dog was saved after 40 days in a container

The dog’s odyssey began in mid-December 2021 when the vessel he was on left Algeciras in southern Spain. Twenty days later, the container was unloaded at the port terminal in Colon, Panama.

Hungry and dehydrated

Considered empty, it is stored outside, at the mercy of heat and bad weather. Until the workers opened the seals twenty days later and discovered a little dog about a year old, starving and dehydrated.

“We don’t know how he got into the container and how he didn’t know. This is the story of a hero. Because an animal trapped in a container for forty days, no water, no food , how will it fight to survive?” asked Cecilia de Escobar, National Director of Animal Health at the Ministry of Agricultural Development.

“The vessel rotted in one place, and it was discovered that there was a small hole there. We think that he opened a small hole with his foot that he sucked in the rainwater,” explained the manager. The little dog weighed only 4 kilos when discovered.

A miracle”

“It’s a miracle that this little animal survived, that’s why we named it Milagros (miracle in Spanish), his nickname is Mili”, explained the practitioner who showed that the dog now weighs 12.2 kg and is doing well he did.

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