One of the most beautiful games on Xbox Series X was developed by one person

One of the most beautiful games on Xbox Series X was developed by one person

Released in complete oblivion, Bright Memory: Infinite One of the most beautiful games available on Xbox Series X. It was designed by just one person.

May 7, 2020: Microsoft chose this date for the presentation of the first Xbox Series X games. It was an opportunity for the Redmond firm to show what its console – the most powerful in history – had in its stomach. The video began on the breathtaking visuals of a title Bright Memory: Infinite, Within seconds, we were stunned: the visual effects, do you want something, the reflections to die for, the fluidity of the movements, the seductive textures… For the first interview, there were promises.

Weirdly, we haven’t heard of it Bright Memory: Infinite afterwards. And can you imagine it was launched on July 21, 2022, completely in oblivion, on Xbox Series X, but also on Xbox Series S, PS5 and Nintendo Switch (knowing that it will be released from November 2021 onwards). available on PC). Inspired by this action-oriented title, I launched Bright Memory: Infinite Check out what happened to the impressive presentation of a project developed by one person on the Microsoft console. Without question, FPS falls into the category of the most beautiful games ever available on the Xbox Series X.

Bright Memory: Infinite
Bright memory: infinity. // Source: Xbox Screenshots

Bright Memory: Infinite beautiful, and that’s about it

Back fast memory: infinite, we find the independent studio FYQD-Studio, made up of a man named Jiancheng Zeng. This expert in 3D environments devoted his free time to the first demo called fast memory (Released in March 2020) which received excellent response on Steam. fast memory: infinite Not really a sequel, but a way to go even further with similar premise. It was developed on the Unreal Engine, thanks to tools that allow NeoFights to create full games without typing a single line of code. , I use Blueprint when working on game development. Because I only worked as an artist specializing in 3D environment and I have no programming experience “, he confessed in an interview published by WCCFTech in 2019.

a staple of ray tracing

once we know that fast memory: infinite Created by one person, we are even more impressed by the result. It’s actually a standard bearer of ray tracing, an advanced display technology it struggles to explain on the latest generation of consoles (it often involves a lot of sacrifices). In the case of Bright Memory: Infinite, ray tracing supports a bit more of the Asian environment of a world on the edge of chaos, shaken by frequent climatic events following the appearance of a strange phenomenon. From reflections on metal surfaces to flames and tiny particles, the screen is constantly flooded with fascinating visual effects. It’s also very generous and great visually, knowing that ray tracing doesn’t stop playing at 60 fps with a comfortable framerate (there’s also a 120 fps mode, and without ray tracing).

This advantageous appearance nevertheless impresses with technical solidity, far from the rendezvous. Over the course of my game, the bugs that bothered me more or less (worst: actions that refuse to be triggered), crashes, slowdowns in menus… we notice a lack of care in the finish, of course. Connected to the nature of the project (one person to do everything). Should we be generous? Yes, definitely. Especially since several updates may slightly improve the situation in the coming weeks and months.

In terms of gameplay, Bright Memory: Infinite With a very intense action bordering on frenzy, definitely enforces its style. The heroine, who must therefore investigate a strange holocaust (expect nothing from the narrative), is as comfortable fighting at a distance as defending herself in hand-to-hand combat (even with parries) are also). The result is very dynamic, almost choreographic and, above all, very old school conflict. There’s nothing too subtle in depth and, once the adventure is over (a little over 2 hours), we get the impression of playing a demo of a game that could be too ambitious. Even for less than €20, the compact feel is expensive – not to mention that, behind its good ideas, there are some clumsiness.

Jiancheng Zeng Doesn’t Master Everything Like These Secondary Sequences fast memory: infinite Becomes an uninterrupted stealth game (a problem for rhythm) or a chase game (in a car) without tails or heads. He shows a clear lack of taste when he proposes to change the heroine’s outfit for something sexier. In 2022, no one wants to turn a female protagonist into a simple object of fiction. Josh is Bright Memory: InfiniteAnd that’s a shame.

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