Pallois 'groans' at FC Nantes sponsors... because of his shorts

Pallois ‘groans’ at FC Nantes sponsors… because of his shorts

A FC Nantes fan favourite, centre-back Nicolas Pallois is used to playing with his shorts pulled up to the top of his thighs for personal comfort. Too bad it offends some sponsors of the Canary Islands.

Nicolas Pallois cultivates his difference. Right down to his appearance on the pitch. Discreet off the pitch, the FC Nantes defender is a special player, generous in effort and above all not blingbling. A style that pleases Nantes supporters who have made this former carpenter their favourite. “I have been working at FC Nantes for five years, for the collective, for the supporters, he remembers before challenging the stars of PSG, during the Champions Trophy, on Sunday in Tel Aviv. Maybe they like the way I play, of being. there for them, for the club. They see I’m not cheating.”

“Sponsors Are Bad”

Naturally, Nicolas Pallois is also distinguished by his appearance. His shaved head? “It’s more effective, you don’t need to go to the hairdresser, and the hair doesn’t grow much anymore”, he explains. Canaries fans also noticed that the 35-year-old defender is wearing his shorts rolled up to the top of his thighs. “It’s to be more comfortable”, he says despite acknowledging that “the sponsors complain a little”.

A small gnashing of teeth of no consequence for Antoine Kombouaré, crazy about his central defender: “He is living a dream period, the Kanak coach declared in May after FCN’s triumph in the French Cup. He is a fabulous player. what’s up. He’s ageless. He’s got physical and athletic credentials. And technically, he’s able to play!” Nicolas Pallois will try not to make his manager lie on Sunday against Neymar and Lionel Messi.

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