Patrick Bruel annonce une terrible nouvelle qui ne va pas plaire à ses fans…

Patrick Bruel announces the terrible news that will not make his fans happy…

Patrick Bruel won’t risk giving his fans false hope. Honestly, he prefers to tell them what’s going on with his other projects. However, he cannot doubt that he risks disappointing more than one. Readers ofObject will understand talks about his next album and his next tour. And the public will have to patiently endure their problems…

On vacation, Patrick Bruel continues to mobilize for projects that are close to him. However, in the newspaper columns Free lunchit is possible to read that the singer no longer devotes most of his time to music.

Patrick Bruel’s entrepreneurial spirit has clearly caught up with him. Not forgetting his singing career, he talks about two projects where fans didn’t necessarily expect him. Find out what they are, but also this confirmed news that stirs up his fans.

Patrick Bruel embarks on ambitious projects

Maybe 40 years is important not only for age, but also for career? After all, Patrick Bruel has fascinated the public for so many years that it would not be surprising if he felt the need to renew himself. But still it is unthinkable to turn his back on his fans, Object give it to you

Moreover, it is not because they will have to wait for Patrick Bruel to leave them. In an interview with Midi-Freeevokes his next album and ensures that it is in preparation. But, we told you above, these are other projects that occupy the singer’s days.

Zvezda is really taking the first steps towards that production of olive oil, honey, thyme and soon wine. “We have been preparing red wine for three years, it will be for September 2024. But it is a long-term business, my children, or maybe their children or grandchildren, maybe one day they will have a very good wine. On this places . The terroir is very promising, it’s crazy! »he confided, delighted.

Even better, he shared his desire to participate in the construction of the hotel ! Patrick Bruel therefore did not end up surprising us. Except that his audience wants to hear him talk about music first and foremost! What he does next risks making some impatient fans very sad.

The artist’s return is yet to be expected

“But the truth is that at the moment between finishing the album, the end of the tour and all these teachers who fascinate me, it’s not on the agenda. I will be back to normal life soon. », said Patrick Bruel, talking about his desire to participate in the construction of the hotel. phew he still does not carry music to the last rank of his concerns.

So the good news is that Patrick Bruel’s new album is scheduled for November 18, 2022. And that the first single of this new album will be released on August 26! But those who dream of seeing him on stage will have to wait a long time. Really sad news, the singer does not plan concerts before 2024 !

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