People MotoGP: The biggest helmet in the world for Valentino Rossi in Pesaro!

People MotoGP: The biggest helmet in the world for Valentino Rossi in Pesaro!

The MotoGP Grand Prix of San Marino and Rimini Riviera is just over a month away, and announcements are already being made to celebrate, from an official poster created by Aldo Druda to the planned publication of a book summarizing 50 years of the circuit.

However, in Pesaro we decided not to wait until then, and this is a giant helmet of a local hero Valentine Rossi which was erected yesterday in Piazza d’Annunzio: 3.6 meters high, 5.40 meters long, weighing 400 kilograms, or “the biggest in the world”, according to the municipality, which is aimed at the Guinness Book.

Presented in the presence of the mayor Matteo Ricci and Massimiliano Santini, creator and coordinator of the project, the maxi helmet aims to celebrate Pesaro in the rest of Italy and possibly in the world, especially if the continuation of the project is realized, namely to print the visor of the giant helmet in holography /3D so that people who will be in front of the “monument” can clearly see the eyes of Valentino Rossi, which glow realistically behind the visor.

Valentine Rossi : ” I love her very much. I liked the idea from the beginning. I have been a big fan of helmets since I was a kid and it also got me closer to motorcycling. After all, it was the graphics that made me so famous. I am happy because it is very important for me, as I am often in Pesaro. And then my parents met in Pesaro. Well, I grew up in Tavulia, but I come here several times a week because I always train here, so it’s my second home, so I’m very happy that this helmet was dedicated to me. I’ve always been a big fan of motorcycling and I’m happy because with my career a lot of people have become interested in motorcycling and MotoGP and have followed it more closely. And now we have a lot of young riders coming for us, we have a team in MotoGP, so hopefully all the fans will continue to watch the races and cheer. »

When asked about his vision for the current MotoGP season, the nine-time champion did not surprise: “ I hope that our riders will go fast and that Banya will be able to get back the points he is behind and maybe fight for the title. I also hope that my brother and “Bez” (Marco Bacecki), who is racing with our team, can fight again and finish on the podium. »

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