Pirates of the Caribbean 5: What Johnny Depp refused to do in the 5th movie - Actus Cine

Pirates of the Caribbean 5: What Johnny Depp refused to do in the 5th movie – Actus Cine

The fifth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, “Salazar’s Revenge” sees Johnny Depp taking on Javier Bardem, an avenger. Originally, though, the villain of the story was to be a woman…

Credited as executive producer on Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, Terry Rossio was the screenwriter for all but the final episode of the saga. However, the man still participated in the first draft of the script in which the villain was played by a woman.

A first for the Disney franchise. Although in previous installments, Penelope Cruz and Naomi Harris played menacing creatures with a strong disposition, the villainous role was never assigned to a woman. But this new narrative element didn’t reassure the feature film’s star, as Terry Rossio explained on his blog:

My version was postponed because it featured a villain and Johnny Depp was worried it would be redundant with Dark Shadows.

The Tim Burton film actually saw Depp and Eva Green face each other as a rejected sexist witch, ready to do anything for revenge. So it is finally up to Jeff Nathanson who fails at the task of writing the fifth part of The Adventures of Jack Sparrow.

However, Tim Burton’s film was released in 2012, and we’re entitled to think that the waters flowed under the bridges. Was there a reason other than that stated by Johnny Depp? Feather her blogTerry Rosio didn’t fail to share his bitterness:

“Of course, maybe my script was bad. But usually when I re-read a script that wasn’t produced, it protests, it’s better than the movie that was eventually made. Sometimes It only takes one person’s decision, often to undo years of story-building and world-building.”

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