Reggae-Jean Page as James Bond?  The Avengers are for the directors!  - Movies News

Reggae-Jean Page as James Bond? The Avengers are for the directors! – Movies News

After directing reggae-Jean Page in the action movie “The Gray Man,” available on Netflix, directors Joe and Anthony Russo think the actor would make a really good James Bond!

Revealed by Series La Chronice des Brijertons, Will Actor Reggae-Jean Page Be the Next James Bond? Rumors have been circulating among English bookmakers since January 2021 and speculation is rife despite producer Barbara Broccoli’s recent announcement that “no one is running,

After directing the actor in their action film The Gray Man, available on Netflix from July 22, the Russo brothers (Avengers: Endgame) think reggae-gene Page would make an excellent 007. interview by british site On this rumour, the filmmakers announce that the actor would be perfect to replace Daniel Craig.


reggae-jean page

,He is superb. His little finger has more charisma than most people in his entire body.“Joe Russo said.”So you know, we’ll see her do anything – even read a phone book. !”. Anthony Russo says: “[C’est un] very knowledgeable interpreter and [il a] so attractive,

In The Gray Man, reggae-Jean Page plays CIA director Denny Carmichael, who orders an assassin, played by Chris Evans, to make Agent Sierra Six (Ryan Gosling) disappear. If the actor doesn’t clearly have the biggest role in a feature film, the sequel announced yesterday will probably give him more action scenes.

Since the first season of The Bridgerton Chronicle, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award, the actor has played the paladin in the adaptation of the cult game Dungeons & Dragons and the title role of the film adapted from the series. Saint.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves Trailer

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