Release and placement under judicial supervision of Samuel Crail, one of the so-called "Big Brothers"

Release and placement under judicial supervision of Samuel Crail, one of the so-called “Big Brothers”

Accused and detained since the end of January with 6 other people and a policeman, Samuel Crail, one of the so-called “Big Brothers”, was released on Tuesday, August 2, for medical reasons, and placed under judicial supervision.

On January 21, 2022, 8 people were charged after 96 hours in police custody, including the head of“There iscriminal association with the intention of committing crimes and offenses in organized gangs. Among them, a policeman and 7 men who are considered by many to be “Big Brothers” among the local youth.

The eight men were charged for acts committed during the urban unrest, between last November and December and, in particular, on the night of November 26 to 27, in Pointe-à-Pitre. That night, police officers were criticized for live ammunition in several neighborhoods of the conurbation of Pointe-à-Pitre, during a series of riots and robberies by local gangs, on the side of the strike action against of compulsory vaccination.

Patrick Desjardins, public prosecutor of Pointe-à-Pitre, then identified that the violence “perfectly planned and organized”.

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Many of them were imprisoned, including Samuel Crail.

Samuel Crail will spend more than 6 months in pre-trial detention, where the forty observe a hunger strike of 42 days, until losing 25 kilos, according to one of his lawyers, Maître Ellen Bessis.

Samuel Crail, one of the “Big Brothers” prosecuted after the riots of November / December 2021.

© I am Ellen Bessis

So it is for medical reasons that the man released and under judicial control, Tuesday August 2, 2022, shown Mr Bessis.

Maître Ellen Bessis, lawyer of Samuel Crail

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Samuel Crail is subject to a medical examination ordered by the investigating judge of the Court of Appeal in Fort-de-France, which is in charge of the investigation. It follows that his condition is necessary”additional medical supervision“. Immediately recommended by the expert”an orientation in a prison center with medical services adapted to this medical management“.

Finally, the defendant was not placed in a special institution.
his request for release is accepted… but under conditions:

  • do not leave the territorial boundaries of Guadeloupe
  • not to participate in public demonstrations
  • report once a week, on the day agreed upon by the unit, to the gendarmerie brigade in Petit-Bourg, his residence
  • avoid or accept some of the people listed: the “Big Brothers” and other names mentioned
  • not own or carry firearms

Any violation of these obligations and restrictions may mean his return to pre-trial detention.

Maître Bessis held a press conference on Wednesday August 3, the day after his client’s release from prison.

This 42-day hunger strike is to say and proclaim, in front of the world, that he has nothing to do with this file and that we are trying to implicate him when there is no evidence.

Master Ellen Bessis

The lawyer rejected the charges filed against Samuel Crail and confirmed that his client could not participate in the facts he was accused of, until, at that time, he was working and had several jobs:

Maître Ellen Bessis, lawyer of Samuel Crail

©Olivier Duflo – Guadeloupe is the 1st

Awaiting further progress in the investigation, Samuel Crail can now live in his home in Petit-Bourg, with his concubine and two of his 10 children.recognized“, including a newborn, born during his imprisonment.

In the event of a court summons, he will answer present, certifies Me Bessis.

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