Romain Bardet (DSM) s

Romain Bardet (DSM) claims 4th win at Criterium de Marcolès (Cantal)

The last edition of the Critérium de Marcolès was crowned with Clermontois Rémi Cavagna last year. On Wednesday evening the event remained in the hands of Auvergnat with Romain Bardet’s 4th success on the streets of the small town with character. This edition again smiled its headliner, who livened up the race without waiting for the finish.

The race started strongly, in particular with Issoirien Baptiste Cherion who wanted to show off, then with B&B runner Cyril Barthe who had ants in his feet. He would get excited midway through when Anthony Perez (Kofidis) went in search of Tony Hurrell (St-Michel Aubert) who was having fun at the front for his last Marcoles before closing up.

Points for Cyril Bart (B&B Hotels)

The chase for points in the intermediate sprints crashed into the anthill and after his DSM partner Romain Combeau did a lot of work for him, Bardet took control of the race on his own. The Brioude climber remained alone in the lead until 9 laps before the finish, when a new battle for points allowed the counter group led by Barthe to make the connection.

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Finally regrouped as the final laps approached, the peloton left the points battle between Bart and Mathieu Burgodeau (overall) at the dawn of the 5th lap to the finish, which ensured the B & B rider secured this classification.
Once that formality was over, the battle for ultimate victory could begin again, and the two big entertainers of the night would live up to expectations. At the heart of a group of six riders, Perez launched his attack less than 5km from the line, but with a peloton that stuck to the breakaways and where Bardet figured well.

A solo victory declared in the last round

The Overgnate even settled the matter when the bell rang as he advanced on his own as he neared the final spin. Chased by Perez, Thomas Chassagnes (Blagnac) and Aurelien Paret-Pentre (AG2R La Mondiale), the criterium win record holder was not to be brought back and could hold his hands up 15 seconds ahead of his former AG2R partner and Cofidis rider who completed the podium per edition, completed a little later in the night than usual (after a staggered start of 30 minutes).

But after experiencing a difficult context to organize the race, with the defection of Maduas and Gaudou due to Covid and the choice of Jumbo-Visma to send only one runner to each criterium (Christophe Laporte) and that the latter also had to refuse, Marcolès won his bet again and turned the town of Cantal into one of the beating hearts of cycling after the Tour.

Text: Jean-Paul Cohad
Photos: Jeremiah Fulleringer


1. Romain Bardet (DSM) in 1h 52’00”; 2. A. Paret-Peintre (AG2R) at 15”; 3. A. Perez (Cofidis) mt; 4. Thomas Chasan (Blagnac) at 45”; 5. Cyril Barth (B & B) at 1′; 6. M. Bourgodeau (General), 7. T. Hurel (Saint-Michel Aubert); 8. S. Scheinel (Legendre Team); 9. Mr Van Niekerk (Saint Michel); 10. E. Siskevicius (Go Sports Rube Lille); 11. Mr Urrutti (Team Sprint Nice); 12. B. Cherion (USP Issoirienne): 13. M. Stevan (Ludeac); 14. F. Molteni (Rohan): 15. S. Gugliemi (Arkea): 16. K. Klopper (Martig); 17. A. Job (ACV Aurillac): 18. L. Contal (Java Kiwi Atlantico): 19. K. Verschuren (Loudeac); 20. L. Amaral (VC Maursois) mt; […] 32. T. Prat Dagiral (ACVA) in 2’30.


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