Simply Black: "With this movie, I can go anywhere from shoddy", recalls Jean-Pascal-Zadi - Actus Cine

Simply Black: “With this movie, I can go anywhere from shoddy”, recalls Jean-Pascal-Zadi – Actus Cine

“The Year of the Shark”, his new film. “Just Black”, which changed everything. His debut in rap. His first steps behind the camera. Jean-Pascal Zadi comments on the video of the important moments of his career.

“This is the turning point of my life! With this film, everything changed!”, tells us about Jean-Pascal Zadi when we return with him on Simply Black, a comedy he co-directed, performed, and which won him Cesar for Best Male Newcomer in 2021. And it’s not hard to believe them. Because without this feature film, would it have been shooting for Michelle Hazanavicius (Cut!) and Quentin Dupieux (Smoking Makes You Cough, in theaters November 30) or one of the Shark’s of the Year titles?

It was on the occasion of the release of the new composition by Ludovic and Zoran Bukherma, to which we attribute Teddy and his werewolf story, that we met the actor, in his company, to trace the great stages of his career. With videos that failed to make him (smiles) laugh.

Because the Year of the Shark, Simple Black or Cut! Apart from this, he also has his debut in rap. Or African Gangster, a feature film released directly on DVD, which he made in early 2010 with a modest budget: 20,000 euros. For each passage, Jean-Pascal Zadi discusses the obstacles in detail and what each of these steps brought them.

Since his Caesar, we see that he is like a fish in water in strong universes. And this is what he confirms to us by invoking the Year of the Shark: “I found that in France, among directors, there are not 10,000 of the people who actually have a universe. And what is strong with these two people (…) is that they really have a universe. Is.”

“I was also honored that he asked me to play in it, because it allowed me to discover his mix of professional and non-professional actors[…]there were so many elements that were really great, And as I like to have fun, I thought we could have fun there.”

Interview by Maximilian Pierret in Paris on July 7, 2022 – Frame and Editing: Ando Raminosson

“The Year of the Shark” is in theaters August 3.

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