Sleeping too much can be a sign of poor health |  NEwS

Sleeping too much can be a sign of poor health | NEwS

The call to the bed, the sofa, the armchair or even the floor – we do not judge – always during the day, after a hearty meal, the day after the night, or simply for the lazy. In short, all the reasons are good to sleep in the afternoon. In some countries such as Spain, the siesta is an important cultural practice, which cannot be separated in any situation. Many studies have so far proven the benefits of naps. Thus, we can all relax, relieve guilt and sleep long and peacefully during the day, sure and sure that we are doing a positive action for our body. But here it is… reversal of the situation! According to a new study published on July 25, 2022 in the scientific journal Hypertension, sleep can be a bad sign.

A possible correlation?

Frequent sleep can be a sign of poor health. Having too regular rest periods during the day can ” associated with a higher risk of hypertension and stroke », pointed out to us at ScienceAlert. To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed a database called Biobank that contains information on more than 500,000 British adults aged 40 to 69. Therefore, the researchers noticed that people who always sleep “has a 12% higher risk of hypertension than people who seldom or never sleep, and a 24% risk of stroke. superior “. To sum up, sleep itself is not dangerous, but people who sleep often have poor health.

Anyway, writing this article has tired me, I’m going to sleep!

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