Cyclisme - Sorius veut «démocratiser, sécuriser le monde du vélo... »

Sorius wants to “democratize, secure the cycling world…”

Soriusrealizes its first fundraising to transform, democratize and secure the practice of cycling in the world. Nils Bruzes is the founder, president and chief customer experience officer at Sorius. Alexander Rispal is a co-founder of Sorius and a startup strategy and business advisor. They analyze for us the reasons behind the growth of this startup, which has just completed its first significant fundraising of €500,000.

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Why is Sorius a Start-up and not a classic company?

Nils Bruzes: What is a startup? This is the first question you should ask. The start-up is a technology company that has fast growth and an international dimension. Sorius ticks all those boxes. We have had immediate success with already 1000 active users on the learning platform. In summary, Sorius has found its market since launch and we are in an acceleration phase.

You say rapid development, is that possible in cycling?

Alexander Rispal: Yes, our goal is to become the leader in digital cycling training on a global scale using artificial intelligence. Sorius is the only Start-up that unites several sectors of activity: healthcare, coaching, prevention. On the one hand, cycling, with coaching, but also everything related to the prevention of health risks. In this regard, we will be able to prevent these risks, offer them to health and insurance players in order for the insured to have fewer pathologies and thus be able to regain their physical activity. Sorius is also an exclusive experience of the passion for cycling through the platform that develops around the training of many other services such as equipment, textiles, travel. We have a much broader vision than coaching!

When we talk about Sorius, we talk about community. Today, what specifically is there to ensure that the latter develops as quickly as possible?

Nils Bruzes: The cyclocross team created by Lucy Lefebvre and me was born just two years ago with a purple jersey that we obviously keep as a symbol and recognizable among all. We then had the first fifty testers try and fine-tune the app using one of our two subscription formulas that we currently offer. In recent weeks we have registered our first thousand users who have joined like a tsunami to our colors through various competitions such as cyclosportives or even just Sunday outings. More and more we see cyclists riding in the Sorius jersey in France and abroad, where we already have strong demand from Anglo-Saxon countries and Northern Europe.

You’ve just raised €500,000 and that’s a milestone in the world of cycling because it’s rare. For people who aren’t used to this thing, what exactly is fundraising and what is its purpose?

Alexander Rispal: Fundraising is a capital investment by investors in a company to accelerate its growth, which is how Apple, Google and Facebook got started. This financial contribution then allows us to implement a strategy to develop our project, which is to become a leader in coaching. In fact, fundraising allows for several things. The first to improve the product in the service of cyclists. These are the users who each day, help us improve the product. This allows us to gain growth, more customers, sign more partners. The sooner we have users, the sooner we can think internationally. Because we want to quickly offer our services to other cycling communities around the world.


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