Stromae: this ultra-famous American singer to collaborate with

Stromae: this ultra-famous American singer to collaborate with

Stromae is coming back in force in the music industry soon! Starting tomorrow, the Belgian singer will release a new single with the ultra-famous American singer… It was announced with great fanfare on Twitter this Tuesday, July 26.

Stroma in reality? Not even in dreams. In full promotion of his latest album, Multitude, the Belgian singer has been the talk of social media recently, following his appearance on Stories of Reality Candidate Agent Magali Berdah. The high priestess of product placement in France shared several videos in which Husband of Coralie Barbier to dance with several people at the edge of the pool. “Future program?the columnist wrote Don’t touch my post, making sure to tag singer Stromae. A few hours later, Giuseppe, a candidate for reality TV, shared, in turn, other pictures of the interpreter Then we dancewearing another very colorful shirt. “Shocked. Stromae on a reality show?”she wrote in amazement.

If the singer had preferred to remain silent since the publication of these pictures, the truth finally came out, this Tuesday, July 26. On his Twitter account, the singer who recently performed at Coachella lifted the veil on his new project. And the latter includes very famous american star…

Stromae in a duet with Camila Cabello

a few hours ago, the singer announced on Twitter to announce to his community the imminent release of a reissue of his song My Love, in a duet with… Camila Cabello. “Tomorrow/tomorrow/tomorrow. New version of “Ljubavi moja” with @Camila_Cabello”he said, before giving internet users an appointment at 8:45 a.m. US time to watch the clip, as well as an interview given by the two artists in defense of this beautiful project.

For her part, the singer also hastened to warn her followers about the imminent arrival of this collaboration that smells like summer. Shawn Mendes’ ex has always been a big fan of Stromae. During the interview with NRJ in Rico Show in June 2018, the former singer of the girl group Fifth Harmony confided that she is a big fan of the artist, especially the song All the same. The young woman was even filming cover piece a capella. On social networks, fans of the two artists reacted quickly to this news, which spread rapidly on the Internet. See you tomorrow to find out what happens Summer hit!

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