Superpole WSBK Supersport: Lorenzo Baldassari breaks pole and lap record!

Superpole WSBK Supersport: Lorenzo Baldassari breaks pole and lap record!

The first day of the sixth of twelve rounds of the FIM Supersport World Championship, on track Most in the Czech Republic, was in a clean line at the start of the season: after him 9 in a row, reigning World Champion Dominique Egerter (Ten Kate Racing Yamaha) set the best time in each of the two sessions, taking the overall record as a bonus!

So the tension may seem very thin when it comes to the favorite for the 300th race in WorldSSP history, but Nikola Buleg ( Racing WorldSSP Team) is just 8 hundredths behind the Swiss driver and leads by 5 hundredths. Federico Caricasula (Althea Racing); Suffice it to say that Ducati is not far off and even closer than ever, although still waiting for the first success …

Another pleasant surprise – 5th place Valentin Debize (GMT94 Yamaha) which replaces the case Jules Clusel wounded at Donington Park. Fourth in the morning behind his partner Andy Verdoyathe French championship leader managed to confirm the afternoon, even if it meant putting himself behind Lorenzo Baldassari (Evan Bros. WorldSSP Yamaha Team), the only rider to score a win this year outside Dominic Egerter. This really very fast adaptation is interesting because it calibrates the level of the French FSBK Championship to a high level!

What does this 20-minute Superpole have in store for us? Above all, a barely dry track with patches of humidity, which forced the Superbike riders to exercise maximum restraint during FP3.

This new situation, coupled with 20Β° air temperatures, obviously does not stop the Supersport riders from taking to the track in slicks (Glenn Van Straalen first) and set the first reference to 1’38.288 pa Hanes Sommer earlier Valentin Debize while Stefano Manzi immediately experiences a technical problem with his Triumph.

Shortly before the middle of the session, Lorenzo Baldassari scored 1’35.741 ahead Nikola Bulegbut it’s a different Ducati, what with Federico Caricasulawho then took command in 1’35.478 before handing it over Lorenzo Baldassari in 1’34.952: a new track record!

Then the top 10 is compiled Baldassari, Karikasula, Boulego, Verdoya, Oncu, Huertas, Tuuli, Debize, Odendal and Safuoglu.

Minutes later, red flags freed MV Agusta Nicky Tooley.

The session starts again in just under 4 minutes of max attack Dominic Egerter rises first to the 5th, then to the 3rd.

Valentin Debizedropped to 14th, returned to the top 10 in extreme, 5 places behind his teammate Andy Verdoya.

Supersport Superpole results in Most:


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