The coast of Montpellier: party on board, a musical with the Grande Motte!

The coast of Montpellier: party on board, a musical with the Grande Motte!

Event agency from Montpellier Attrape Rêve this summer offers evenings at sea on a catamaran, with house music, from 10 pm to 1 am.

It’s almost 10pm on this Friday in the port of La Grande-Motte, the last cases of liquor are being loaded onto the catamaran Lucile, wisely moored. The organizers of the evening – La Boat party – are busy before they welcome about forty revelers who decided to experience an extraordinary moment under the warm sea breeze. But not only.

The cruise will be led by Stéphane Gentile, a DJ known in the night world, for whose set he has a secret: “I entered this milieu at the beginning of the 90s. I was passionate, relentless. Hip-hop, electronic music, I started to announce myself in Paris”. From that he will draw his musical culture, based on drunkenness, funk, jazz. Then Europe, the world to return to Biarritz and here and delight the jet-setters of the Villa Rouge at the time “It’s been twelve years.”

A set of American patterns

The pontoon is open, the first guests are seated. First on a huge net stretched between two hulls at the front of the boat, then on benches at the back. There’s Yannick, Stacy, Julie and Hamilton, a group of friends: “We live here, but tonight we came to enjoy the dinner. We discovered this concept on the Facebook page, we will experience this for the first time.”

But already, the crew has set off and the captain of the boat takes the helm: “Welcome everyone to Lucile”, and specify mandatory safety measures. The catamaran gently glides across the water to the mouth of the harbor. The bright two headlights illuminate the already established darkness. A few fishermen are enjoying their dinner on the embankment. Straight ahead, sea.

Nora Ménière, jet setter of Attrape Rêve

Nora Ménière has been working on events for a good fifteen years. She founded her agency Attrape Rêve. “I did my first festival when I was 21, it was in Barcarès.” The young woman is from Perpignan. Since then, the party has not left her.

From the artistic direction to the meeting, it became obvious a project to stand on its own two feet: “There were waves, storms, but I’m passionate. It’s like a star that I like to look at”. Allusions to the marine world are not accidental, because this evening at sea project has been in the works for a long time: “We already did this in 2016 with a colleague, a cocktail ship. And then before and during covid and its health restrictions, we held parties on ships. “

An unusual event is the top of the company. A boat that can withstand the sea and can accommodate a small jet-setter “with house, groove, festive music every time. We decided on the night part (three hours) because there is a special atmosphere at sunset, stars. You feel free!”

The first summer party on the ship (last June) welcomed the seventy-year-olds, “they had a great time”, smiles Nora. Like, the party doesn’t wait for the captain’s age.

Stacy raves: “That’s what we came for”, waving across the vast expanse into the dusk. The DJ sends the sound, a set at a good tempo. Another ship returns to the port, several passengers cheerfully greet. An orchestra is playing on the bridge. Lucile goes to the sea, the swelling is felt. At first it was hard to get up to dance, but Yannick, Stacy, Julie and Hamilton found the parade. They use the mast ropes and have fun with them to counteract the opposite effect of the waves. And it works!

Stéphane Gentile, with headphones, produces rhythmic, eclectic music: “I always have the right vibe, motivation. I develop my set during the evening, always dynamic to finish in an Ibiza-style atmosphere”. He advocates for Chicago House “based in New York”.

Fiesta to port and starboard

The warm wind lifts the short skirts of the imprudent few in hearty laughter, between Cuba Libre and pints. Some setters have a little more trouble living in the moment, victims of seasickness, an unexpected guest. Clinging to the fence, he will fight to the end. For the rest, it’s a party in every direction. In front, facing the wind, cherish the most romantic moment. The crescent moon, the stars, the lights of the coast, already far away. To the far left (or right depending on the edges) Palavas lighthouse and even further Mont Saint-Clair.

Opposite the beaches, Grande-Motte, Grau-du-Roi. Nora Ménière, the organizer (see inset) comes and goes, aft behind the bar, at the bow to restart the evening: “Come on, come on, it’s party time!”, standing on benches. Madame 35,000 volts expresses her enthusiasm and the congregation communicates. Already approaching the time of return, Lucile occupies the shaft of the harbor entrance, guided by the lights of the lighthouses. Stéphane Gentile finishes his set, and then there is silence. The boat glides to its mooring. It’s one in the morning. It is time to sleep. Or not.

Music boat experience, Wednesday August 10 (DJ Stéphane Gentile) and Thursday August 18 (DJ Stéphane Pompougnac) at 21:30, registration on the Attrape Rêve Facebook page. Information 0 651 394 819

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