The Eternals 2 should do well despite the film's semi-failure

The Eternals 2 should do well despite the film’s semi-failure

one of the actors of the film The Eternal From Marvel reported that a sequel is in discussion, with Chloe Zhao returning to direct.

The Eternal It was released by Marvel on November 5, 2021 and despite its five-star cast, its new Oscar-winning director and the promise to unveil an entire stretch of mythology that until then had only been glimpsed (Eternal and the Celestial) , The film did not get the expected success, Aside from mixed reviews, the feature film recorded a global box office below most of Marvel (including $164 at home, down from $402 million), even though it enjoyed a special theatrical release.

necessarily, It is debatable whether the team will get back in action. or if the remaining members would appear in other franchises or post-credits scenes to set the next two avengers Announced during last San Diego Comic-Con. In November, producer Nate Moore (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, civil war, black Panther) Unlike other Marvel movies (with the exception of . ) it calmed things down by explaining unbelievable giant And Kali Mai), there was no sequel in the studio fold.

You have to put it somewhere anyway.

Recently, an actor who participated in the film announced the opposite. during an interview with show todayPatton Oswalt confirmed that a sequel project is underway: “He announced that there would be a sequel to Eternal and that Chloe Zhao would direct it.The actor appeared only for a few seconds in a post-credits scene in the guise of Pip the Troll announcing the arrival of Thanos’ brother Eros (Harry Styles). On the other hand, he did not make it clear that he would be in the game, Or when this sequel could go into production.

The information has not yet been confirmed by Marvel, but Kevin Feige could well announce it during D23 next September. After that, the next MCU movie to be released will be Black Panther: Wakanda Forever In France on November 9, 2022.


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