'The Exorcist' reboot reunites Ann Dowd and Ellen Burstyn

‘The Exorcist’ reboot reunites Ann Dowd and Ellen Burstyn

hollywood actress ain dowdis the latest addition to the cast of reboot from the moviethe Exorcist, she will play with Leslie Odom Jr., And Ellen BurstynJoe reprises his role as Chris McNeill in the original film 1973Reports deadline.

one year ago, universal And Peacock announced that they had struck a $400 million deal for the worldwide rights to the Exorcist franchise. According to Deadline, the new film will be directed by David Gordon Green, who is behind the latest films. Blumhouse/Miramax Halloween and combined; bring more than the first two $387 million at the worldwide box office, and Halloween Ends will be released on October 14.

Deadline also reports that Ann Dowd and Gordon Green previously teamed up on the 2015 satire.Our Brand is Crisis, Gordon Green also executive produced Dowd’s 2012 film “Compliance”, after seeing the actress in an off-Broadway play. blood from a stone It was he who suggested Sandra’s role in compliance, a fast-food manager tricked into detaining an employee for theft.

Ann Dowd is best known for playing Aunt Lydia on the show. story of maid from Hulu and MGM, which won her the 2017 Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series; He was also nominated in 2018 and 2021.

Dowd also won the 2018 award Broadcast Film Critics Association (Critics’ Choice) was nominated for the 2018 Golden Globes for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and for Supporting Actress in a TV Series or Movie. Additionally, Ann is also known for her portrayal of a cult member in the bizarre 2018 slow-burn horror film.genetic,

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