3 films d'animation pour Avatar : le dernier maître de l'air

The last Airbender shared his news at Comic Con (and it’s good!)

The first project has been unveiled at San Diego Comic Con, following the announcement of three animated films last June.

fans of Avatar The Last Airbender With the announcement of a number of projects based around Nickelodeon’s cult work it was something to celebrate for a while. In 2018, Netflix stunned cartoon lovers by announcing a live-action adaptation reminiscent of the outrageous first live-action film released in 2010. While the project is still in the works, it doesn’t deliver much news anymore, Nickelodeon took the lead. in 2021. with the construction ofAvatar Studio”, a division dedicated to creating new content in the rich universe of The Last Airbender.

This year, three animated films were announced without further details. It didn’t take long to learn more since Nickelodeon first used San Diego Comic Con as a springboard to reveal the details. Aang, Katara, Sokka and the entire troupe will return in a dedicated film highlighting the heroes of the first hour.

small avatar will become big

The title of this film is still kept secret. will fill in the events between the original series and The Legend of Korra, Then we’ll find Toff, Zuko and Sookie along with our three friends on a new adventure The group is now in adulthood, No details have yet been shared about the narrative structure of this new project, but this simple announcement of the spectacular return of these characters is enough to put some balm in the heart.

Two more animated features are in the works, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Korra’s next focus on time. There were also rumors of a possible prequel telling the story of Avatar Kyoshi., The Last Airbender’s universe is extremely vast and has already been developed through comics and other novels. So the teams at Avatar Studios have a decent amount of content to process their future films and series.

With so many projects under his wing, you can even say that The Last Airbender Hasn’t Said His Last Word, far from there. However, patience will be required before we find this universe on our screens as none of these works have a release date at the time of these lines. In the meantime, it’s always possible to re-immerse yourself Avatar The Last Airbender on netflix or discover The Legend of Korra on my canal.

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