The movie thrown by Disney announcing Toy Story

The movie thrown by Disney announcing Toy Story

Before Pixar, there was The Brave Little ToasterAn animated film thrown out by Disney and forgotten that could be as innovative and ambitious toy story,

Brave Little ToasterIt is the story of a toaster, a desk lamp, an electric blanket, a radio alarm clock and a vacuum cleaner who leave their chalet for sale to find their “master”, a child who visits them during their holidays. Used to play together, but whom he hasn’t seen in years. This 1987 film is so reminiscent of toy story And it’s no coincidence at all because it served as the basis for Pixar’s first masterpiece.

The Brave Little Toaster: PhotoIn Lots on Leboncoin

Disney or the villains of history

Disney has bought the rights to the new Le Valent Small Toaster In 1982 the author Thomas M. By Disick, which greatly inspired a certain John Lasseter, who had been an animator for the company since 1979. after working on the film tron and an experimental excerpt from Max and the Wild Things Combination of 2D and 3D animations, He believed that digital animation was the future of cinema Besides being an artistic revolution.

He and former Disney production manager Thomas L. Wilhite spoke to former CEO Ron Miller. a feature film made mostly by computer, which had never been done before. Except that at the time, the firm had ossified since Walter Disney’s death in 1966 and innovation wasn’t really on the agenda.

Nine Sage – once commissioned by the founder to form the studio’s hard core – was mostly inactive and an internal dispute broke out between the studio’s old guard and a new generation of artists and animators to replace those old keepers. One thing that leads to another, these behind-the-scenes tensions almost doomed Disney with chaotic, time-consuming, and expensive production Taram and the Magic Wok,

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Since a 3D animated film would have been neither a time saver nor a money saver, Ron Miller closed the project shortly before becoming overly ambitious and visionary. John Lasseter will be fired with big ears by the company, It is also possible that Disney saw red given the potential danger it could represent for the 3D traditional animation posed by Walt Disney. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs In the 30’s.

Desiring to experiment with new forms of animation, John Lasseter joined Ed Catmull, producer and CEO of Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Group, a division of Industrial Light & Magic that would become the iconic Pixar studio. It was there that John Lasseter would make a name for himself and a solid reputation, even though he had to kicked out of your project,

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in the shadow of mickey

Leaving Disney the same year as John Lasseter, Thomas L. Wilhite co-founded the independent production company Hyperion Pictures in 1984, which took over the project to adapt the film. Valiant Small Toaster, Even though Disney contributed funds, the studio was not directly involved in the development of the project, although several names in the company found themselves associated with it. The task of realization was thus entrusted to Jerry Rees, who had worked on the earlier storyboards. tron and animated characters rox and rookie,

Several other animators and studio veterans from the California Institute of the Arts (nicknamed CalArts), the school founded by Walt Disney in 1961, also found themselves working brave little toaster Like Kendall O’Connor who acted as art director Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, pinocchio, imagination And Dumbo,

The Brave Little Toaster: PhotoLe Petit Grill—the pain flies somewhere else

but The name that brings the film a little closer toy story who belongs to ranft, its screenwriter who also designed part of the storyboard. Before Disney relaunched the Torpedo project, he worked exclusively on the storyboards of Basil, Private Detective and then took part in writing Oliver & Co., the beauty and the Beast And The Lion King before the first co-authoring toy story And to become one of the engines of the nascent studio.

necessarily, brave little toaster Does not shine with its technical qualities (although very respectable next to the Disney DTV suites of the future). During his time at Hyperion the budget was drastically reduced, excluding inflation, to about $20 million (roughly as much as back in the future) less than 6 million (barely more than the ridiculous budget of)aladdin 2) If the animation isn’t that good, the film stands out for its more dramatic, hallucinatory, and pessimistic tone than most productions made for children.

The Brave Little Toaster: Photoalmost cruelty to the characters

Certain narrative elements also more or less made their way into the top three. toy story : obsolescence of objects placed in competition with more advanced technologies such as the competition between Woody and Buzz in the first part; as fear of abandonment Toy Story 3 , A visit to a spare parts retailer reminiscent of the characters Sid and Al; The gruesome scraping scene that foreshadowed the landfill Toy Story 3 Or even toaster repair that might get you thinking about woody restoration toy story 2,

we wouldn’t say that brave little toaster an obscene draft, but it is clear that Pixar’s great saga will definitely be very different If the 1987 film hadn’t been there earlier.

The Brave Little Toaster: PhotoLampy or Luxo Jr.?

used items

For the release of the film, everything did not go according to plan. The feature film premiered at various festivals including the 1987 Los Angeles International Animation Celebration and the 1988 Sundance Film Festival. The goal was to secure a theatrical release, and trial by art film distributor Skoras Pictures, who wanted to take the distribution rights. But since Disney invested in acquiring the video and TV rights, Disney Channel’s broadcast date extended to February 1988The competition was forced to break its contract and settle the film for a limited big-screen release to a few US theaters.

In July 1991, Walt Disney Home Video finally released the film in video format. It was at this time that it experienced a small success and resurgence in popularity, but far below the rest of the Disney catalog. DTV to ride the wave of animated productions (launched by Disney and Universal in 1994 return of jafar And Little Dinosaur 2, Two sequels were also made for the video market. , the little grid,Brave Bread: To the Rescue in 1997 and The Brave Little Toaster: Going Mars The following year, the duo abandoned all narrative and artistic ambitions.

The Brave Little Toaster: The Brave Little Toaster 2Well, the resemblance to Disney characters is abused

Meanwhile, Pixar had already taken its current name after the company was acquired by Steve Jobs. The preceding short film was animated by John Lasseter for his part. The Adventures of Andre and Wally B. and realized luxo junior In 1995, toy story Meanwhile, animated cinema was revolutionized by becoming the first feature film designed entirely in 3D (for which John Lasseter won a special award at the Oscars). The film was a success and saw the light of day with three sequels and a spin-off grossing over $1 billion at the global box office.

at his side, The Brave Little Toaster Not even available on the Disney+ platform, Pixar has been condemned to oblivion despite its symbolic importance in its emergence.


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